Surprises in Lappis


I am staying in Lappis. I have a roommate from Seremban, and I know him since year 2000(I think), his name can be abbreviated as BS. There is a 'siao po' next door. There is a dirty kitchen which we fed up with after many attempts to try and keep it clean. So most of the times we go to Jevon/Silicon's place, or to CK/Tim's place to make dinner. There is unstable Tele2 LAN Broadband in our room. Still, I am glad to be here.

So many surprises could be found in Lappis, or you want a harder name? Lappakärrsberget, it is so difficult and tongue-tying to be pronounced that everyone prefers Lappis.

A few steps away from where I am staying, forest is there, and a small beach. Autumn, and most of the days most of the time were cloudy. Therefore I just grab my camera whenever I have the chance to go out and shoot! Luckily the results are rewarding enough.

A stroll in the forest that day, to find the lake, the sea, the forest, the weeds! Actually the forest is called Norra Djurgården but for ease of remembering, I just refer it as Lappis woods.


I made these pictures public in my flickr, so anyone can click and see bigger version:


It was the end of summer. Shepherds moved away, sheep were no longer being able to be sighted. So did cows.


ViNcenT said…
Nice pics... Cant wait to see the pics that u are going to take in winter...

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