Thursday, February 13, 2014

Denim x Bukit Rasah

Denim x Rasah

We haven't had such session for years (perhaps 2 years) and Seremban doesn't fail to amaze me with good locations to shoot with!

We stumbled upon this dilapidated bungalow hidden in Bukit Rasah of Seremban when I wanted to go up a hill beside the Rasah road that I passed by, but never get an excuse to drive in and explore. It was a house any photographer will fall in love at first sight.

The decay that eats into the bungalow, bit by bit, and the nature is reclaiming the abandoned house.


Confidence and Gracefulness

Decaying building


Each of us has at least a few satisfying pictures.

With a rose

Marcus in denim


My style of the shoot:

Style of the day

Uniqlo denim shirt, Chino from Topman, Onitsuka Tiger's Mexico 66, and Pebble watch!

All pictures are shot on Fujifilm X100S.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Multiple Exposure

Multi Exposed in CNY

Inspired by the beautiful work by Sara K Byrne here:

The Rides

Going back to Sitiawan every year is something I look forward to every Chinese New Year. Some more this year's CNY was full of cool air.

Total 8km ride / K1 / #vscocam

Biking in the rubber estate / C3 / #vscocam

This morning's ride in Kampung / G1 / #vscocam