Tuesday, December 28, 2010

me and my OM1n

Getting ready for another weekend trip!

Time to develop the film from OM1n!!

First view, impressed and happy with the tone and colours. Thanks Titterington in eBay for the wonderful refurbished piece of gem!

Introducing my lovely colleagues...!

Lily the film newcomer

Lili the new film/digital photographer.

Leon the newcomer

Leon the new digital photographer.

Su the OM cult member

and me, the Olympus OM cult. (I hope to collect more and more OM lenses!!!)

The only complain... These scans are way too over-sharpened! How I wish to have my own film scanner!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Julmust, Glögg, Pepparkakor, The Santa Lucia day

Santa Lucia Day

These things popped out and stayed on the shelf of market in Stockholm for the Christmas. Well, I wish the mood for Christmas is as good as when I was back in Stockholm.

A carbonated soft drink that outsells Coca-cola in christmas... Nvm... I don't like carbonated water that much anyway... but seems like Europeans like them just like they like beer and alcohol.

Or known as Hot Wine in France. This is nice!! You heat up the glögg and mix in some nuts and raisins then drink... Despite its alcoholic content, it tasted so good to me!

Or gingerbread cookie. Heard about gingerbread men and so long time ago, especially from the Shrek movie, and I got to bite on them and it actually was addictive...

This must be some magic, I was reading through the old unfinished blog entries and when I decided to edit this, I realized, yes, today is Santa Lucia!!

The most celebrated festival throughout the duration of my stay in Stockholm, on December 13, the Santa Lucia day, 2 years back.

Santa Lucia?

There was a blast in Central Stockholm. I hope nothing much worse will happen after this incident.