Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kentaro's Sushi Party


Went to Kentaro's apartment in Kungshamra for his wonderful Sushi party! Met many nice people in the party as well! Although they are all doing PhD but we did not have problem finding common topics with them!

Kentaro, preparing great meal for us.

Now I know how to make Sushi rice, cook Japanese rice, then add Japanese White Vinegar, then do this...

Fan the rice with the cold windy air to cool it...

So the participants are: Jan the crazy Polish, Liz the jap-otaku Swede, Lan the Chinese, the usual ong wee ling, wilbur, bs, but anthony!

Thanks Kentaro for such a wonderful party! We shall invite you to taste our curry soon! (Hopefully it works!)

Disclaimer: Photos credit to Anthony and his EOS450D! I felt so sorry for my bad hairstyle that day!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

25 hours in a day and cemeteries

The end of daylight saving, the end of summer.
The day is getting darker so early and the adjusting of the clock made it worse. It used to get dark at 5am 1 day before daylight saving and the sun set at 4pm now... Temperature dropping so fast as if tomorrow it'll snow.

Now the time here is 7 hours behind Singapore and Malaysia.

On 25, finally I had finished all the exams... Jevon is crazy about the idea of going to cemeteries. We went to the infamous Nordic woodland cemetery, Skogskyrkogården in the afternoon. We could see how this place became the model for other cemetery. This place is so huge... more coverage in his blog here.

The cemetery marathon continued:

Norra Begravningsplatsen
The Northern Cemetery of Stockholm.


Drizzling, and darkness fall upon the land so early after the daylight saving ends, and the autumn is nearing the end, winter shall come.

The pathways were wet, and fallen leaves decorate them. The scenes were so melancholic and sometimes I felt like just to sit down on those chairs in front of the tomb stones and meditate. I knew those chairs were meant for the families to let their thoughts filled with the memory spent with their most-beloveds.

Pictures could not tell or express the poetic walk on this holy ground where the people from the past who had contributed, who had gone through their wonderful life in the past decades.

View by Slideshow seems very nice?

Friday, October 24, 2008

About exams in Sweden

The semester here is divided into 2 periods and some subjects span 2 periods while some of them are to be completed in 1 period. Imagine the subjects we struggle in Singapore/Malaysia Universities for at least 3 months but here? Project, assignments, examinations, in just less than 1.5 month!

Exchange students from Singapore are actually tougher than the masters. Ha ha. We are overloading ourselves as compare to the master students! Imagine they one period just focus on one or 2 but we have more!

Well, about the exams. I'm sitting for my 'take-home' exam while writing this entry. Fun!

Yesterday's paper was cool too. 5 hours for 5 questions. You have more than enough to complete the questions. Not given any stress to complete questions in a certain time limit is certainly good.

In NTU, we struggle not to get a grade below B+, here I struggle to pass only. No bell-curve distribution, only the threshold of passing, which for me most of my courses are 50%. Hmm... BS showed me this morning that his Digital Signal Processing has had failure rate of 80%, luckily I am not going to take that subject. Good luck to you.

Almost complete arc of a rainbow. And there were actually 2 of them but one was not so obvious. The autumn is ending soon and the cold of winter will invade. Despite I have not seen snow before I want autumn to last longerrrr.

BTW, I saw Fatty Vincent's blog about his lone-buffet-makan journey in Singapore, damn rich this si fat kia. Now I know the Jurong Point changes and got the Kuishinbo that I love but too pricey to go!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lost my Heart in Heidelberg

Flash back to the fairy-tale like journey down south to Germany's Heidelberg. Update after almost half a month...

This time, after some intensive planning, we decided to shortlist a few places of the Baden-Württemberg state. So we don't like big cities, and our time is very short, we didn't choose Stuttgart or Frankfurt. Thanks to high recommendation from Joelle and Ailin, Heidelberg became my first ever travel destination in Germany.

Group of 6 people, with passports from 4 different countries, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore! Thought of taking a pics with that but forgot in the end.

I think we selected the best days for this travel. Weather so so nice. The cooling one that we wished to have all year. And it's AUTUMN!

A short gateway into the town of Heidelberg. A university town that houses Heidelberg University that is ranked world's top 50 (can't remember). Again it's beside the Neckar river, and there is an old bridge, and a castle. Not much excitement for the castle but this one is quite special.

Nothing much could be done on our first day, except to stroll along the River Neckar to enjoy the sunset and the old town, with our backpacks... =.=

The second day had us had a very full breakfast and we left the god-damn expensive and FARRR Youth Hostel and walk towards Heidelberg castle and old town. Luckily along the way the scenery was satisfying, which is a very European riverside.

There were some festival in the town. Despite not being able to go to Munich for the Oktoberfest, we were not regret for not going there, since all of us are not very into alcohol.

Heidelberg's castle ruin. Unique. Birdeye view from top to the town of Heidelberg, simply, splendid! Thanks to the hometown comrades that we met there who had just finished their study and now touring Europe before going back Malaysia, they told us where to get this view from!

Finally before leaving to Strasbourg, we had a very FULL lunch in a German restaurant. We did not care and just spent 14 EUR each person to savour THIS:

It reads Halbe Haxe from the menu. Pork Knuckles with pickled white cabbage. I cannot forget the wonderful Pork Knuckles we had back in Cesky Krumlov, I guess they are different (of course!) and i prefer the Cesky Krumlov's one. Crispier pork skin. oooooh.

The Bavarian sausage, hard to cut elastic skin. Oh and the Pretzel!

Approximately 4pm we left Heidelberg using the super efficient Die Bahn German train. Impressive, punctual, clean. Nice people in the train too. I gave my seat to an old lady and their friends all very happy with us and keep speaking to us in German. Well I could only nod my head and smile. Later a German old nice couple spent chatted with both Tim and me before reaching Karlsruhe and we parted to continue on to FRANCE!


Feel the bliss of autumn...

As the days are getting shorter, the light diminishes so quick that we should treasure the beautiful sunlight.

Checked the air ticket to Iceland, for the glacier and northern lights. It is impossible to see the land of Björk now.

Finals coming soon. But I am still facebook-ing and addicted to editing the photos from Autumn.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Every Autumn Leaf is a Flower

every autumn leaf is a flower

The more I explore Lappis, the more surprises I found in the woods of Lappis. Especially it's Autumn! Autumn! Oh, the most beautiful season, where every leaf is a flower! The transient change from green to red, and from red to yellow, and finally fall gracefully to the ground to welcome the winter.

Good weather in autumn, good scenery photos. Can I make postcards out of these pictures and give friends as souvenir? I want to save $$$...

Lappis photos again, can't stop... Djurgården's later:

I should blog more about my life here! No? Mehhhh...

Let's have the landscape photos now, the killer reflection!

And carefree autumn day!

OMG... back from this morning's jog, and Stora Skugen which is near Lappis has so much more to offer. It's so so beautiful!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Evenings of Stockholm

The light in Stockholm, or i believe everywhere in Nordic lands, are directional. I have not seen any position of the sun right above my head like what I have seen in our hometowns in equatorial region. This is the light that makes everything around you appear interesting!

I went out, consecutively for 3 days, seeing the beautiful weather offered by the sky of Stockholm. From streets of Östermalmstorg, to bird eye view of Gamla Stan near Slussen Tunnelbana.

Too many and I think it's hard to digest. But I want to do some street shots!

The colour of the horizon when the sun was setting, totally left me in awe of the wonders Mother Nature are capable of. Different layers of colours which I thought only appear in post process were right in front of me.

Let's see, the different colours of the sky with Stockholm City Hall silhouetted.

Day is getting shorter by 5 minutes from now. In a month's time, the sky will turn dark so early that I think many people will be depressed by it. Especially the coldness here. I think I will get even more hyped up about leaving behind everything and just go out to take photos whenever I see the opportunity.


Jevon's friends came to visit Stockholm, and we had 2 dinners together with them, Carmelita and Russell. Both are such nice people that I felt very happy to have chosen to go out in a day trip to Sigtuna with them.

The weather was not very good, not for outdoor trip photos. I challenged myself by just carrying 50mm and I wonder if I should be regret about that. Walked along the oldest(?) modern street in Sweden.


We found a ruin and we decided to make some 'band shots' here:


After all the tiring shots, we went up the top of some small hill and oh, it was lunch hour again! We took out our lunch boxes, no, took some photos first!


Except the view, which was so cloudy and made us all moody, nothing special about the hill. So we continued our journey. It was almost or already in mid Autumn and we felt it so intensely that we wanted to lie on the grass with the golden leaves surrounding us!


Finally we came to the cemetery. First time seeing a cemetery in Europe! I think i missed that in Prague.


Then we had a super expensive special waffle with ice cream beside the sea, and cold wind blowing on us. Satisfied though.


So that's all about this trip. Russell and Carmelita then left Lappis the next day. Hope to meet up you guys again in Singapore!