Jevon's friends came to visit Stockholm, and we had 2 dinners together with them, Carmelita and Russell. Both are such nice people that I felt very happy to have chosen to go out in a day trip to Sigtuna with them.

The weather was not very good, not for outdoor trip photos. I challenged myself by just carrying 50mm and I wonder if I should be regret about that. Walked along the oldest(?) modern street in Sweden.


We found a ruin and we decided to make some 'band shots' here:


After all the tiring shots, we went up the top of some small hill and oh, it was lunch hour again! We took out our lunch boxes, no, took some photos first!


Except the view, which was so cloudy and made us all moody, nothing special about the hill. So we continued our journey. It was almost or already in mid Autumn and we felt it so intensely that we wanted to lie on the grass with the golden leaves surrounding us!


Finally we came to the cemetery. First time seeing a cemetery in Europe! I think i missed that in Prague.


Then we had a super expensive special waffle with ice cream beside the sea, and cold wind blowing on us. Satisfied though.


So that's all about this trip. Russell and Carmelita then left Lappis the next day. Hope to meet up you guys again in Singapore!


ViNcenT said…
Envy boy!!!

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