Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I need $

The desire for more $ grow so strong in me.

especially after today, and we made the decision to go after the cheapest airline, despite the risk, despite fun that we have to sacrifice, despite going there later. Money money, please let me get the DUO scholarship, I shall have no problem, and my burden to my family will not be as heavy as compared to not getting it.

No Smoking Here, Please!

Please join in the effort and say 'no' to cigarettes like this guy!
Ha ha.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

no more photography until the end of exam

Untitled Photo Prints

Many things have been distracting.

The endless stomachache after the Thai buffet.
The worries of cheap air tickets that might be sold out after my exam finish.
The guilt of not applying for OSP loan.
The craving for a new lens.
The anticipation of going so far for the first time.

No more photography, until end of exam.
I shall snap like crazy after that then.
Make my way towards Stock Photography.
Study the way of making $$$ out of it.

Now, let's just concentrate on exam, and study hard first.

Friday, April 4, 2008

That's the end of Traditional Black and White

Small exhibition of our products being produced within 4 or 5 weeks. Finally it has come to an end.

PHO215 Class

Good thing is, we still can go there and develop prints after exam! According to our master, Kheng-li. Looking at the picture below, I can't help to think the distance between people. As if, there is a barrier between each and everyone of us, be it protective or conservative or anything. And, this wall is very thick within me. Ha.

PHO 215

I felt myself so fake when I was being humble, under the praises of my classmates on my photos. Not very deep inside me, in fact I was flattered! Well, I only showed off to closer friends how they said I am good. Ha.

Indeed, a smaller class does bond people better, unlike my core, where there are 1000+ (Hopefully not exaggerating) and yet we always stick to our own group. Malaysians a group, Indonesians a group, Chinese a group, Singaporeans a group.

PHO 215
Why Elton looks so stunned.

PHO 215
Valerie also looks funny here.

After some small chit-chats, and after kheng-li had left, everyone is still exchanging contacts and such. Someone suggested, I think Gerrald, to eat in Siam Kitchen. $25 gone... T__T
Don't think I like buffet meal anymore. Although I'd like to eat a lot, but everytime when I went to eat buffet, I felt I was not really enjoying the food and forced myself to gulp down everything. The next day, I will surely feel the stomachache...
Luckily there were many of them who drove, so just tumpang and went out to eat. Ha ha.
Noticed that, there are already so many people, especially Singaporeans, are working while studying in university. I think, they are much more independent than me, who appear like useless brat to them I guess. Ha.