Friday, June 25, 2010

Film: Kodak Profoto100 Roll 3

a scottish sheep, bokehlicious!

Still objects around my lovely home. I am now back to Singapore, preparing to go into the new phase of my life.

I am not someone who can express emotions openly. But I'm going to write it here...
Dad mum, thanks so much for what you have done for me. Sorry for always raising voice and talked so impatiently...

OK OK, enough of the sentimental thingy!

So, what so great about Film? The mood of film is just something that cannot be reproduced by digital pictures, the grains of film appear to be more natural, and the cost of Full Frame camera for a digital one is so *$#&%$# expensive!! For me, I dun see the need to edit the colour photos scanned by the lab as the tone just seems perfectly fine and natural!

Almost all photos here were shot wide open. I want 'Bokehlicious' shots!


a bottle of colours

Miao Miao

spinning pinks

P/S: Flickr has changed their photo layout to a new one. Need some time to get used to it, but it's a great change as many functions can be accessed directly from the main page!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bibi the Sugar Glider

Anxious Bibi

Bibi is a Sugar Glider whom his root can be traced back to the Tasmania, Australia and even Indonesia. If he has a wife, the wife would carry her babies in a pouch like the Kangaroos do. If he wants to hop to a spot quite a distance away from him, Bibi will open up his patagium, or membrane, that extends from the fifth finger to the first toe. I heard by doing this, Bibi can glide distances of 50–150 meters.

Yuan & Bibi

My bro started carrying Bibi around him since few months ago. This little guy likes to hide in dark corner. During daytime, he usually sleeps in his red pouch, which is carried by my bro most of the time.

Bibi in his Pouch

Even Bibi loves rambutan, just like Bobby! My dad remarked, "only the pets, mum love my homegrown rambutans, u children don't treasure them!"

Bibi is interested in rambutan

Bibi tasting Rambutan

I love to see Bibi ran to a dark corner, and hide behind something. If you attempt to touch him with your hand he will really threaten to bite you, and he will stand on 2 feet instead of 4 which makes him look so cute and human-like! Reminds me of cartoon!

Bibi is biting the barks

Finally, before giving back to my bro, have to take a photo together with this cute little devil!

hey Bibi dun fly away

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Blowing Bubbles

Last photoshoot before I go back to Singapore to start the new phase of my life... joining the working class people. Sad... T_T

Not really excited about the shoot actually, perhaps we were really running out of idea on how to source for a good location and no nice props. MK's idea of blowing bubbles came and in the end, it became the theme of this photoshoot.

We just simply chose a spot in our beautiful Seremban lake garden. There definitely are nicer locations than the one we chose but we were too lazy to move around after I parked the car in a nearby parking lot.


sunny boy

Just a simple toy that I believe every child of my age would have enjoyed when we were small, to create such fantasy in our young adulthood. Amazing, isn't it? The bubbles...

Bubbles bubbles

We forgot to have a group photo before concluding the photoshoot, ouch! Everyone was not in the mood, I guess.

All photos were shot using my newly acquired Canon's 35mm f/2 lens. A gift from my dad for my graduation!

The Bubblelicious flickr set.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

wooden house, on film


Shot using Canon EOS 100, on sigma 24mm f/2.8 lens and the canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.
Film: Kodak ProFoto 100 expired in 2008
ASA: 400 (film is pushed)

A failure, although it kinda creates another feeling of the series. I didn't realize that I actually used the ASA400 setting for the whole roll of ProFoto film which results in the whole roll being underexposed. As the results, grainssssssss and purplish tint for the whole set of photos!

Lesson of the day, will try not to use expired film if possible, and always take care of the ASA setting to avoid stupid exposure mistakes.


hi buddy

Friday, June 11, 2010

wooden house

down the bushes we went

MK was itching to be featured in photo again. Of course, Marcus too, MK and me could see him trying to hide his excitement as he brought along so many props, lol.

Without much discussion, without much planning, but everyone did pay effort on this photo shoot. MK surveyed her house's surrounding for possible locations, Marcus the explorer, and me the driver and main photographer. This was why I enjoy photo shooting with these buddies! We can always fill the session with fun and laughter!

I was the least excited one among the 3 of us. I was... until I put on the shirt left by my eldest bro at home (which I brought along just in case I want to be inside the pictures too) ... Seems like I have certain potential too! wa ha ha.

Gap, Spec, Scarf, Belt

this is me

For Nothing

Conclusion: Everyone went back home happily with nice photos of everyone. Ha ha ha.

Trio again


Head over to see the Flickr set of this series!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from Indochina

Running towards your friends

11 days 10 nights of Indochina adventure, from Khmer's proud Angkor Wat ruins, to the sand dunes of Mui Ne, seen the streets overcrowded with motorcycles, boat rowing, trapped in the Saigon-bound bus which was caught in traffic jam with an almost exploded bladder, we experienced so much.

Now it's time for everyone to run towards their new life. 10 of us.

Till then, Indochina travelogues!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's Melt the Frozen Photobook

Creeping Up

Gotta melt the frozen photobook voucher away and use it now!

Europe photobook, here I come!!!

List of places to be included:
1. Iceland
2. Scotland
3. Prague and Cesky Krumlov
4. Budapest?
5. Vienna?
6. Turin, Milan, Florence, Pisa?