Bibi the Sugar Glider

Anxious Bibi

Bibi is a Sugar Glider whom his root can be traced back to the Tasmania, Australia and even Indonesia. If he has a wife, the wife would carry her babies in a pouch like the Kangaroos do. If he wants to hop to a spot quite a distance away from him, Bibi will open up his patagium, or membrane, that extends from the fifth finger to the first toe. I heard by doing this, Bibi can glide distances of 50–150 meters.

Yuan & Bibi

My bro started carrying Bibi around him since few months ago. This little guy likes to hide in dark corner. During daytime, he usually sleeps in his red pouch, which is carried by my bro most of the time.

Bibi in his Pouch

Even Bibi loves rambutan, just like Bobby! My dad remarked, "only the pets, mum love my homegrown rambutans, u children don't treasure them!"

Bibi is interested in rambutan

Bibi tasting Rambutan

I love to see Bibi ran to a dark corner, and hide behind something. If you attempt to touch him with your hand he will really threaten to bite you, and he will stand on 2 feet instead of 4 which makes him look so cute and human-like! Reminds me of cartoon!

Bibi is biting the barks

Finally, before giving back to my bro, have to take a photo together with this cute little devil!

hey Bibi dun fly away


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