Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Hiking Seoraksan (하나): Flying Dragon

the summer green

I think I seriously am lagging behind all the series of events that happened which I think I should blog. The memorable Korea travel with my Seremban buddies, all the reason I should blog about it.

Let's start off the Korea travelogue series with the place that I enjoyed the most in Korea, Seoraksan! And for my love of hiking in the nature!

Inside the embrace of Nature

The colour of the memories of Seoraksan is the emerald green, the colour of Summer, the colour of Zen. The lushness of the green in Seoraksan, is contrasting the meaning of mountain's name, which suggests Snow Mountain.

Prior to the hike:
The day started off with an early morning bus ride from Song-Seoul to Sokcho (속초). We actually passed by the mountain ranges of Seoraksan and the views were already impressive and scenic. Others were asleep and not really aware of surroundings. The stony river on my right and the surrounding temperature is going down as we went up slope. Another short bus ride from Sokcho bus terminal to bring us to Seorak-Dong C Jigu (East Seorak C station) Youth Hostel but it was already noon time. So we rushed our lunch and went up to the National Park that we expected highly of!

Street of Seorak Dong

Seoraksan Cable Car and Gwongeumseong

For the first day, not many surprises, the cable car to some height and hike to one of the peak. It is the most populated path I believe. Let's not forget the group picture.

Interesting Rocks

And it started to drizzle so we took out the ponchos that we bought at a bargain thanks to our Jeju taxi guide! Oh the yellow Poncho gang!

the Yellow Ponchos

and Effy was screaming on top of her maximum volume.

effy swallowing the world

And me, with the world beneath me.

me and the world beneath

Time is running out... We gotta rush rush rush to the next destination!!

Biryong (Flying Dragon) Waterfalls

The hike to the waterfalls is so far the most scenic in my life, and I am loving the Zen-ness of the forest and pathway!! It is like the scene of Kungfu movies in real life.

Forest of Zen

Marcus in the quest for the ultimate fat slashing grips of terror.

Marcus and the Zen Forest

The waterfall itself, is quite disappointing. It was a small dragon...

Biryong the flying dragon

We took some time to dip into the stream and had fun after some not-too-strenuous hike with MK nagging us behind for choosing the hike.

How we wished, we could just submerge ourselves into the icy cold water, to refresh ourselves in the cool forest.

best buddy and me


the girls

Oh did I mention, I was on a pair of flip-flop? Wrong decision, slippery, risky... The funny thing is FV who dressed up most properly tripped at the end of the hike and hurt both her knees and knocked her out from action the following day...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eastern Bohemian

Eastern Bohemian ※ the wearhouse

Given the hot weather in Singapore, it was really difficult to schedule a satisfying photography session out  there under the sun!

Well, at least there are one or two nice outfits that made our day!

Eastern Bohemian ※ the wearhouse

Eastern Bohemian ※ the wearhouse

Only until the 2nd photoshoot I get to know that her name is Jolyn. Haha.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shooting for a Blogshop, Wearhouse

Yellow Blouse § Wearhouse

First time shooting for a blogshop, there are, definitely a few learning points throughout the shoot which I would like to document down for future reference. Every shoot is a practice to better photography.

Coral § Wearhouse

Instead of going more of the artistic approach in taking the picture, it's more important to present the apparels in their accurate colours. Of course, the unique design of each apparel that potential buyers would like to see, such as the button, the lock, the sewing etc etc...

Before the shoot, the seller paid a lot of attention to match the accessories to different tone of the blouse, and also match with nice skirt or shorts. Even which blouse to go with which scene and background, such details had been taken care by the seller.

Green Heart § Wearhouse

It's painful to bring out the accurate colour in every screen. Different viewer with different monitors will view the colours differently... Especially difficult colour like the Teal, which shifts significantly following the shift in colour temperature!

Teal § Wearhouse

This might look like the actual teal that we want to reproduce on a warmer screen, or it will look bluish on colder monitor. In this monitor, it still look a bit blue instead of teal!

The Summer Resort Collection:

White § Wearhouse

Navy Blue § Wearhouse

Coral § Wearhouse

Yellow Blouse § Wearhouse

Green Heart § Wearhouse

Head down and place your order if you are interested!

The collection is launched today on their website:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kuching: the Beaches

Beautiful Clouds and Beach

Before I forget about the beaches of Kuching and head into another journey to the Far East.

It seems the beauty of places in Malaysia is always associated with beaches. Or is it us from the East Coast of Malaysia, who have to bear with the heavily polluted Straits of Malacca derive so much satisfaction from clean beaches like these.


A house in between the sea and mountain, a dream house of many? If I stay in such houses, how my life would change?


The slow pace of life, just seems so far away and almost impossible for the city folks. Would you give up your internet to go to the countryside and enjoy life?

Sunlight Bottle

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Hiking Sundays: KTM Railway

Childhood Memory

It is like the curiousity of children, towards the little little things around the world. This is perhaps the greatest lesson taught by photography, which is to remind me of the beauty of curiousity, that makes me go and explore the world around me, and also treasure every possible opportunity to grasp what would be lost to the flow of time.

The previous hiking to add into my Sunday's hiking series, is to the KTM railways, the last day of the track being opened to public. I thought about going for a short walk at first, hence the flip-flops and camera. However, in the end, we ended up in Bukit Timah, following the track all the way from Bukit Panjang. The weather was perfect for a walk like this.


There are actually quite a number of nostalgic ones among the folks residing in Singapore. This became evident as crowds were seen along the KTM track.

Haunted by Visitors

People were taking pictures of the track, which will be removed in 6 months' time. Kinda sad, but this is the cost that comes with development.

Soon, I will miss the colour of the rusty railway track that ran like the spine of the island.

Holding Ring


The scenes from the childhood memories: chasing after red dragonflies, yellow butterflies were so vivid along the track...

KTM Slideshow

Fading memory

I don't know how the corridor will look like after the tracks are removed, but aren't we glad that at least this trail of greenery is to be retained? Thanks to the Green Corridor.

Thursday, July 14, 2011



All that remains here are rubbles, and memories of the old faces of Kuching town central.

Lone Chair

The school was deemed too dangerous for primary school students. After taking a short walk around the school compound, we have to agree to the fact. Despite the prime location in the city center, the Chinese school students must had rejoiced over the new school environment to study in.


I wonder how long this school has been in Kuching city? more than 80 years?

Third Grade

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Hiking Sundays

I think I am kind of addicted to Hiking, or maybe Bukit Timah did impress me for the first 3 visits with new findings each time. I did not blog about those as I do not have many photos that I think are nice to share out.

Fairytale-kind of light

A good weekend trip to go with friends I would say. Not to worry about timing! As long as there is no rain, we can go anytime without worrying much about sun and heat. It's so shady and cool inside the forest! With that soft light penetrating through the canopy of trees, dancing sometimes to the wind.

Mr Fish

Mr Fish, regretting over his decision not to bring along anything (his Lumix LX5) except his iPhone.

Yanni ※ Erica

Miss Erica, forced herself to wake up in the early morning (well, 8am is not really that early) of Sunday, sacrificing the sleep.

Yanni ※ me

And finally my beloved, who is always there for me!

More to update in future!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

San Diego: La Jolla's first impression

Accidentally recorded in a Reverse Chronology way, this should have been the first entry about La Jolla...

la jolla coastal area

Perhaps, the memory of San Diego that got etched into my memory other than Qualcomm, is the beautiful La Jolla, which made me want to feature it for the 3rd time in my blog.

And up until the third post, I still haven't written about the most touristic side of the beach in La Jolla, the La Jolla Cove and Children's Pool.

late spring's wild flower

It was late spring. I was lucky that flowers were still everywhere on the beach.

Views along the beach did not stop to amaze me. Especially when I came to the Children's Pool. Used to be a playground for children, due to the naturally formed shallow lagoon, now it had been overtaken by the army of seals. They came up to the shore to nap and to become the attention of tourists.

Children's Pool

The arching walkway for tourists to get a better view of the seals, crowds and strong waves that splashed onto the wall of the walkway made this walk to stay dry a difficult stunt.

Smiling seal

As if smiling in the dream, a white seal napped there on the beach along with its family.


Seagulls came to make friends with the seals too. Harmony in nature in display here. The envy of humans who cannot even live peacefully within their own social circles...

a silent corner

meditation by the sea

reading by the evening sun

wading teens


San Diegans were enjoying the beach, doing all kind of activity along the beach. Despite the cool weather, they could be seen wading half naked and with shorts, jogging along the beach, reading under the sun by the beach... What a seemingly carefree life! A contrast to typical Asians' way of living life.