Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hours, in a blink of eye

this is an undergraduate's life

March 30 in IMM

Finally we had reached a consensus. Wling, BS and me.
Yes, we will go to Sweden first. Forget about the adventurous backpacking, we will have too much luggage.
Now what we have to do is to book the air ticket first. Need to have a solution how to save the cost in storing luggages. Perhaps, let's pray, I can find a Malaysian from CARI forum studying in KTH. Well, I found one, but he is from Chalmer, don't know if we put the luggages into his room in Chalmer is a good solution.

And then, place these all aside and concentrate on exam! After exam, I shall have a full plan!

Craving... for a new lens, to be used during the travels and trips. No regrets are allowed!

March 29 in School of Arts, Design, Media

Non-stop processing of prints from 4.30pm all the way to 11.30pm. Crazy hours. Time really flies, inside the dark room. Failed prints, test prints being thrown away, almost-final-prints being rejected and redo, exposing, burning, developing, stop bathing, fixing, checking of print, practicing burning, exposing, and the process reiterated again and again for hours.

Heart ached when a good picture's negative is scratched and I could only drop if out from my final prints selection.

Still pondering which 6 or 7 pictures can be combined to create a link and make good story.

March 27 in Hilton

Classy food with below average taste, and ballroom with bad Audio system.
The cert is nice though.
First time upload pictures through Blogger.
I think I have the computer IT guy look... T_T

Saturday, March 22, 2008

An ordinary yet different big day

birthday cards

This is going to be an entry that have many many many words of 'thanks'!

I never expected so many wishes in Friendster too, who are mostly from hometown, thank you guys... Thanks for not forgetting me despite have not been seeing you guys so long time.

Truly surprising, as I never expected anyone to pop into my room and sing birthday songs to me again after Wednesday night.

Birthday Birthday Birthday
Birthday Birthday Birthday
Thanks Jiaven for the surprise attack and the self-made card, it is indeed a beautiful card, better than any we can buy in Memory Lane/Hallmark.
Thanks Boon Pin for being used as the decoy. No wonder it took you such long time to reach my room.
Thanks Muh Tyng for the candle or incense. I will not burn it in my room, will not let my notes catch fire!
Thanks Jackson, Jie Hung, and Qiao Ying too. For coming over here! Let's jog the other day!

Falling sick next day, because I mentioned that I never got sick for a long time. A chinese saying, sending charcoal in the snowstorm. Never ending gratitudes again, thank you for bringing me medicine and also bought me the herbal tea. Although you said it's bad that asking me to be your white mouse to try out the effect of herbal tea but it never is.


To my buddies of Seremban, Marcus, MK, and Fuivoon, I can't wait to see what you guys have prepared for me! I really do appreciate marcus for your call from despite the international charge. Please be more rebellious!

It was such a waste that I do not have any group photo with the guys who celebrated it on Wednesday.

P/S: To SH and HF, is mentioning your names in my blog can bring you such great joy? If it does, I will do more.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am in a Good Mood despite the faulty bloody SE service

new haircut

In a good spirit + mood. Although the sense of guilt coming to me.

A new haircut, first in Singapore. And having it cut in IMM of Singapore, by Malaysian guys too. Felt like home for a short moment after had some not-so-patience waiting in that bloody SE service center. Refreshed.

I think because of Chin Hong's role as a catalyzer. Bought a converse canvas shoes that I have been wanting to try but never.

converse shoes

It's all because of SALES. I made another purchase yet, in G2000. Another shirt I have been wanting to buy during G2000 sales but never get to. Although I felt like buying the slacks too but I hold back. The plan to buy Joanna Wang's CD cancelled due to such massive spend in a day.

Thanks Teng Seng and Siew Hong for choosing the beanie for me. And thanks to Sin Ling who suggested Colbie Caillat's Coco, and thanks Hin Fei, Sein Chyi, Ying Herng, Ah Jiao, Lai Fai, Mingwei, Sai Leong, Chun Seang and Chin Hong. And last but not least, Wan Chia for making a birthday card to me, it's better than any other out there that can be bought outside.Not forgetting those who were not there to cut the cake and wished me over the phone. Although it's not my actual day of birthday yet. Ha ha.

I wondered what Hin Fei will do for Siew Hong, being elected as the next birthday organizing committee. Revenge on the chiffon cake?

In my tonight's playlist: Colbie Caillat + Joanna Wang. I love lazy voices.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yet, another fall of SE into the abyss

While everyone is paying great attention to the election aftermath in Malaysia, where the surprising results being announced and words like "greatest fall", is being written into pages of history, my phone, broke down yet another time, gave itself into corrupting software or possibly worse. This time, I am going to put up a banner telling everyone that I am in the 'anti-SE' party!

the Jonkers
The Jonkers

Some thoughts: How perfect someone can be? There are too many of them in this world and I know a few of them. Actually they can cause depression in others' life too, especially their close friends. At least, low self-esteem. I am not talking about myself, but someone I know. Living under the pressure, unless you are really satisfied with what you have and what you are, you will not be able to put down the thought of comparing them to yourself. What's wrong to be yourself? You will never know many people out there are enjoying your words of humour, and appreciate them.

I found my new favourite singer. Being played frequently recently. I found similar quality in Feist's voice, although they are from the different genre. Introducing the new promising Taiwanese singer, Joanna Wong or 王若琳.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 8th

Grace me with Wine
Grace me with Wine

Many people seems to like March 8th.

Women's Day, Election in Malaysia, NTU Open House.

Women's Day, don't really have any significance meaning to me. Ha ha.

Election in Malaysia. Seems like there will be a big change in the major political party in Parliament soon. Opposition parties are leading the bids, votes are still being counted, some confirmed, some still gasping their breath waiting for the results, some are being recounted.

NTU Open House, well, took part in the URECA poster exhibition. At first very nervous and felt reluctant to go, because I never prepare any presentation for it. Turned out that I get to actually met new friends there and chat happily while waiting time to pass. And our welfare was greatly taken care of, free sumptuous lunch and drink, free Sandisk thumb drive. I met new friends who are interested in photography, and going to Sweden for exchange!

Again, I have not studied for my CA. Looking forward to next week's shooting in Bishan again. There are quite a number of good shots, according to Lecturer Kheng-li that I can use for Final Project! Was so happy! Although there are all very normal shots.

I scanned some of the previous assignments into digital format. Looks not so nice as the actual print.

Morning Light
Morning Light

Cylindrical Ground
Cylindrical Ground (Play of DOF )

Sunday, March 2, 2008

the Bishan journey

Golden Tower

Update photos:
Monastery Everyday Life in PKS Barefeet
Praying Offerings and Prayer Offerings
Into the Dark Clock Tower Sunday Class
Dragon Pillars Barefeet Sanctuary

Woke at 6.30am and I was so reluctant to leave the bed, especially in this cool weather and my bed is fluffy and warm. Travelled there with Boon Inn but we parted at the Bishan Interchange as he and Yingli were going to the other way to meet venerable.

Reached Kong Meng San Phor Kar See Monastery at around 8.30am.
It was like doing a documentary show, i met an uncle who was on the same bus with me to the Monastery. I took initiative to talk to him and he was so friendly and brought me along and introduce me the temple as well as Buddhism. And we sat down at the canteen and while having our cup of Jujube Tea. And he went on to tell me his view of Buddhism.

Definitely a good experience. The weather was perfect for Black and White as no hard light and therefore the contrast not so strong. Although it started to rain at 11am+. I tried my luck by calling Boon Inn to check whether he was going back already and luckily I caught up with them and I did not go back alone in this long journey.

Pray that I did not deviate from something I should be shooting there and need to redo. I will visit the Monastery again though, for the remaining shots.

Shocking Pink

Lotus, always depicted in Buddhism drawings. Be it impermanence, or wisdom.