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this is an undergraduate's life

March 30 in IMM

Finally we had reached a consensus. Wling, BS and me.
Yes, we will go to Sweden first. Forget about the adventurous backpacking, we will have too much luggage.
Now what we have to do is to book the air ticket first. Need to have a solution how to save the cost in storing luggages. Perhaps, let's pray, I can find a Malaysian from CARI forum studying in KTH. Well, I found one, but he is from Chalmer, don't know if we put the luggages into his room in Chalmer is a good solution.

And then, place these all aside and concentrate on exam! After exam, I shall have a full plan!

Craving... for a new lens, to be used during the travels and trips. No regrets are allowed!

March 29 in School of Arts, Design, Media

Non-stop processing of prints from 4.30pm all the way to 11.30pm. Crazy hours. Time really flies, inside the dark room. Failed prints, test prints being thrown away, almost-final-prints being rejected and redo, exposing, burning, developing, stop bathing, fixing, checking of print, practicing burning, exposing, and the process reiterated again and again for hours.

Heart ached when a good picture's negative is scratched and I could only drop if out from my final prints selection.

Still pondering which 6 or 7 pictures can be combined to create a link and make good story.

March 27 in Hilton

Classy food with below average taste, and ballroom with bad Audio system.
The cert is nice though.
First time upload pictures through Blogger.
I think I have the computer IT guy look... T_T


WayneHO大飞 said…
what cert is it? shake hand...not shaking hand?
Kanki said…
IET cert lor
cuz finished shaking already mah.

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