An ordinary yet different big day

birthday cards

This is going to be an entry that have many many many words of 'thanks'!

I never expected so many wishes in Friendster too, who are mostly from hometown, thank you guys... Thanks for not forgetting me despite have not been seeing you guys so long time.

Truly surprising, as I never expected anyone to pop into my room and sing birthday songs to me again after Wednesday night.

Birthday Birthday Birthday
Birthday Birthday Birthday
Thanks Jiaven for the surprise attack and the self-made card, it is indeed a beautiful card, better than any we can buy in Memory Lane/Hallmark.
Thanks Boon Pin for being used as the decoy. No wonder it took you such long time to reach my room.
Thanks Muh Tyng for the candle or incense. I will not burn it in my room, will not let my notes catch fire!
Thanks Jackson, Jie Hung, and Qiao Ying too. For coming over here! Let's jog the other day!

Falling sick next day, because I mentioned that I never got sick for a long time. A chinese saying, sending charcoal in the snowstorm. Never ending gratitudes again, thank you for bringing me medicine and also bought me the herbal tea. Although you said it's bad that asking me to be your white mouse to try out the effect of herbal tea but it never is.


To my buddies of Seremban, Marcus, MK, and Fuivoon, I can't wait to see what you guys have prepared for me! I really do appreciate marcus for your call from despite the international charge. Please be more rebellious!

It was such a waste that I do not have any group photo with the guys who celebrated it on Wednesday.

P/S: To SH and HF, is mentioning your names in my blog can bring you such great joy? If it does, I will do more.


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