Monday, September 20, 2010

Analogue Hong Kong: 文武廟

Smoky, Dreamy

It's almost the end of September now, which means, I am already back from HK for more than a year. One of the reason why film is so great, I am only seeing the results now after more than 1 year!!!

Red Talisman

Smoky Rise

The small temple is located in Central Hong Kong. Unique because of the smokes and lights that penetrate through the ceiling into the temple.

Finally Michael pretended to pray against the light and hazy smoke. The tone killed me... Ouch. I must shoot more film with my Olympus OM2n and his little gems.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Kodak E100VS, from more than a year ago

Instant Gratified

Quite contradictory to the above pic, this slide film was actually only processed few months after finish the roll, and the scans take even longer time. More than a year?

The film stories range from the Changi Airport racing car vs plane, to the visit of 3 Pang sisters.


Shades of red in Blue.

40, Slow, y y Y Y

NTU in green.

Reds. Red

Jun almost consumed by red.

The colours with good scan, superb. Slides are great, to conclude. I have to find some labs which can scan good quality negatives! It's great that the local labs in Seremban add some unique flavour to the negatives. However, these surprises sometimes are not really that desirable. I want to get myself a film scanner! Tempted tempted.

All the reason to take out some spare time, to burn my photography interest up again.

Canon, everywhere

All the surge in digital SLR photography recently...

Friday, September 10, 2010

iPhone 4: customized wallpapers!

A great idea from Momo. Turn iPhone home screen into a notice-board-like home screen.

This is my current home screen and lock screen screenshots! For lock screen i forgot that I can actually snap a screenshot while it's locked! Therefore I just did one from the wallpaper setting.

Screenshot HOME

Screenshot LOCK

I'm sure my sis will scream at me for being unfair to Bobby again! Not my fault, Barnie is too irresistible! Well, I will make another one for Bobby soon. Dog themed dog themed!!

Marcus and MK are coming!!