Friday, November 28, 2008

Snow Fight

And, shortly after Jiji's 2nd celebration of her birthday, and we had delicious Jevon's Apple Crumble (copy me!), Lauryne's Choklad Kaka, CK's Choklad Kaka... Here we go...

All-Female Team! They thought they won the war!

and, the ALL-MALE team!! We thought we won too despite the number!

After the war, we went to the slope just beside Professorslingan and weeeeeeee!

Yeah perfect! The game ended at about 2am and snow started to melt away the next day...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowy Snowy Visby

Weekend escapade to this medieval town of Visby, Götland and this time, we had a new member, 梅木さん! I really liked this old town, just like how I like Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic! Maybe a lot of people will find that old towns like this are boring but I just can't help but like them.

Visby is truly the hidden gem of Sweden, I bet when people think of travelling to Sweden they will never consider coming here but some interesting facts about Visby from Kentaro:

Visby is the foundation for the setting of this famous Japanese Anime movie, "Kiki's Delivery Service" from Studion Gibbli, Miyazaki Hayao (宮崎駿)!

Back to travel log. After 3 hours long "Destination >> Gotland" ferry, with calm and peace, we arrived in the dark, snowy harbour of Visby. Everywhere was covered with snow and later I was informed that Stockholm was covered in snow too when we left. Oh... I brought away the sunlight from Stockholm! The next day was sunny and weather was so beautiful before it became gloomy again on Sunday.

Visby, surrounded by the old wall.

The street was quiet, weekend and off-peak season from travel. Almost every shop was closed. Now I understand why such scene like this is always associated with Silence.

The colourful houses of Visby.

The town was really a small one if only consider the area surrounded by the town wall. We walked from center to the scenic perimeter and continued towards the beach.

Yeah, Just outside the town wall.

Visby beach in the winter. Nice...

Oh, beautiful roses with some icy touch on it.

Aren't the colours of the houses are so perfect for picture!?

Sun set really early... About 4pm it was all dark and we went back to the hostel after having some delicious but overpriced Crepes before going to the empty space for some SNOWBALL fight!

The following day, which was a Sunday, we were greeted by thick snow and there were more falling from the sky... Not many places we could go because wind was strong. Made me think of Matchstick Girl when we walked in the windy and snowy day.

Oh and luckily the weather was not like Sunday... Snow heavily and we had to stay indoor most of the time!!

What I can say is... I really like Visby...!
Finally not forgetting a group shot:

P/S: This batch of photos I like very much and I posted many of them as Public in flickr!

Even posted on some forums to publicize Visby!
Club Snap

View as slideshow! or just visit my Visby set!

An Extraordinary Dinner Gathering

I really hope that we stay in this corridor instead of the current one although the current one is not so bad except the cleanliness problem.

Jiji's birthday is today! We thought that the dinner would be to celebrate her birthday, but wonderful party none the less. (Jevon was still trapped in Norkkoping airport, due to heavy snow, Skavsta airport was closed... Poor guy!)

A photo with Jiji and Lauryne, my favourite girls of this professorslingan 13 corridor!

JJ and Lauryne, omg new couple?

and enough gossiping, the complete meal:

with JJ's curry chicken, Lauryne's starter broccoli cheese bread, and Jihanne's american burger!

Both me and bs made this apple crumble. Had been making apple crumble for so many times until I was quite confident with this one!

Here's the Recipe!

For the Crumbs:
Ratio of Flour to Butter = 2 : 1

Add some Cinnamon powder, vanilla sugar, salt, sugar into the flour and butter and mix, rub until sand-like.

Put a layer of apple slices on the baking plate, sprinkle with sugar or any type of sugar and later cover with the crumbs.

Preheat Oven 200 deg C, and bake for half an hour, and check until it's golden colour, and it's done!

Best served with Custard!

Friday, November 21, 2008

First Snow in my Life

I was not here when the first snow of this winter came in Stockholm. Instead, just yesterday I saw it, but short day time did not let me see how the snow was like.

Featuring Michael under the lamp post.

It was, the first ever snow in my life.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

To See the Glencoes, Hogwart Express, Loch Ness Monster

I was yearning to go and see how Highlands is. Ariel and gang had been bragging about it in FB, now I can brag like them too!

This is the coach that took us to our one day Highlands Tour! By Timberbush. Couldn't be more impressed by the Tour guide-cum-driver that kept introducing to us the facts and life of Highlands in our 12 hours journey. 33 Pounds for tour and 12 hours journey bus, and we got a Scottish Whisky as souvenir. Not a bad deal compare to the tours that we saw in London.

So what's the first surprise?

Ok, initially I thought I have missed the infamous viaduct, and kept blaming myself for not attentive enough, but turned out actually I had taken a picture without knowing!

Occasionally we will have a photo break and we were allowed to get down and take pictures. Just at those correct timing, the magical light shone on us. We were so lucky and I really love the light that penetrated through the cloudy day of Highlands.

We were to leave again after the short 5 to 10 minutes photo break, and then we come to...

The Weeping Glen... Weeping because the Timberbush guide did not stop to let us shoot this majestic valley...

Then we passed by Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in UK. Couldn't get good picture because of lighting.

Finally after stopping by a few tourist traps but we had no other way of escaping them, we came to Loch Ness... where the Loch Ness monster was seen to pop out its head from the cold black lake water. We were into yet another tourist trap which was the cruise...

Finally the Urquhart Castle ruin which we have to pay if we are to go in, so we just gave up.

The highland tour had kinda become a beautiful epilogue to our Scotland journey.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Edinburgh the City of Literature

Edinburgh, one of the most picturesque city of Europe.

Tour guide of the day: Alison. Thanks for the day! Really enjoyed the places you brought us to especially Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill!

On top of Arthur's Seat just behind Alison's hostel, and we could see Edinburgh Castle in the distance.

Overlooking the skyline of Edinburgh... Breathtaking, isn't it?

Yay, on the top of the 251m high Arthur's Seat. Although the height is nothing compare to Mount Kinabalu and we hiked up to the top in less than 20 minutes, we were really satisfied. Strong wind could really blow me away and I could not stand or walk properly at all.

The popular Scott Monument beside the Prices Street.

Top of Calton Hill. Seems like we were always moving to high places in Edinburgh. We were having our dinner, 'boring Burger King' while enjoying the night scape of Edinburgh and some people ignited firework in front of us! Keep seeing firework in Scotland.

Oh almost forget about Edinburgh Castle and the Castle Terrace... It was too impressive for me to get a nice picture that does it justice. Cloudy cloudy Scotland.

Scottish men sure like their Kilts a lot. These kilts are selling at such a high price... High demand. lol.

All in all, Edinburgh is definitely worth visiting despite the weather was cloudy but Alison said we brought sunlight to Edinburgh because the weather was worse before we came!

Warm Welcome from Glasgow

Beginning of my UK journey, to Glasgow! So many first-times in this place!

Meeting place was in front of kissing couple statue of Buchanan Bus Station, and here they came, Ariel, She Weay and a new friend RJ.

Funny it may seems, but the first night we were challenged to gurp down whisky beer mixture, which the effect was almost instant. Well don't mention about it. Thanks to the Glasgow folks I had the first drunken night of my life.

Luckily friends in Glasgow were there to keep me from the boring city... Seriously there is not much to see in Glasgow. There we walked along the river, visited BBC Scotland and had some fun shots and tried the IrvnBru that Joe told me that this soda drink outsells Coca Cola in Glasgow or Scotland.

Some interesting shots in BBC lounge.

I guess both me and bs really were very lucky that we caught an almost-30-minutes long firework (long until I got neck ache) show that Ariel told me that was their first ever Glasgow festival, and we had some really nice and cheap Scottish meal in a nice Scottish restaurant.

My Cottage Pies

Another first time, clubbing in Glasgow... Ha ha, I always wanted to try that in Malaysia and Singapore but here I was having it in Glasgow. Conclusion: Club is not my thing. I am a bad dancer.

RJ, new nice friends and HK and the defocused She Weay and Seng.

And Ah Seng who accommodated us.

We left Glasgow in the quiet morning to Edinburgh the next morning, leaving Seng in the bed, really thanks for accommodating us these days!