An Extraordinary Dinner Gathering

I really hope that we stay in this corridor instead of the current one although the current one is not so bad except the cleanliness problem.

Jiji's birthday is today! We thought that the dinner would be to celebrate her birthday, but wonderful party none the less. (Jevon was still trapped in Norkkoping airport, due to heavy snow, Skavsta airport was closed... Poor guy!)

A photo with Jiji and Lauryne, my favourite girls of this professorslingan 13 corridor!

JJ and Lauryne, omg new couple?

and enough gossiping, the complete meal:

with JJ's curry chicken, Lauryne's starter broccoli cheese bread, and Jihanne's american burger!

Both me and bs made this apple crumble. Had been making apple crumble for so many times until I was quite confident with this one!

Here's the Recipe!

For the Crumbs:
Ratio of Flour to Butter = 2 : 1

Add some Cinnamon powder, vanilla sugar, salt, sugar into the flour and butter and mix, rub until sand-like.

Put a layer of apple slices on the baking plate, sprinkle with sugar or any type of sugar and later cover with the crumbs.

Preheat Oven 200 deg C, and bake for half an hour, and check until it's golden colour, and it's done!

Best served with Custard!


reddishTea said…
wahh apple crumble.. make one for me when u're back!
Kanki said…
wah i think u should try to follow the recipe or search for a video, very very easy!

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