Edinburgh the City of Literature

Edinburgh, one of the most picturesque city of Europe.

Tour guide of the day: Alison. Thanks for the day! Really enjoyed the places you brought us to especially Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill!

On top of Arthur's Seat just behind Alison's hostel, and we could see Edinburgh Castle in the distance.

Overlooking the skyline of Edinburgh... Breathtaking, isn't it?

Yay, on the top of the 251m high Arthur's Seat. Although the height is nothing compare to Mount Kinabalu and we hiked up to the top in less than 20 minutes, we were really satisfied. Strong wind could really blow me away and I could not stand or walk properly at all.

The popular Scott Monument beside the Prices Street.

Top of Calton Hill. Seems like we were always moving to high places in Edinburgh. We were having our dinner, 'boring Burger King' while enjoying the night scape of Edinburgh and some people ignited firework in front of us! Keep seeing firework in Scotland.

Oh almost forget about Edinburgh Castle and the Castle Terrace... It was too impressive for me to get a nice picture that does it justice. Cloudy cloudy Scotland.

Scottish men sure like their Kilts a lot. These kilts are selling at such a high price... High demand. lol.

All in all, Edinburgh is definitely worth visiting despite the weather was cloudy but Alison said we brought sunlight to Edinburgh because the weather was worse before we came!


maumauren said…
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maumauren said…
woah i envy you
hav so much work cant travel ard
lookin forward to your pics!
ViNcenT said…
The scenery is so so so so nice!!! Do me more wallpaper le...1

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