Tuesday, December 28, 2010

me and my OM1n

Getting ready for another weekend trip!

Time to develop the film from OM1n!!

First view, impressed and happy with the tone and colours. Thanks Titterington in eBay for the wonderful refurbished piece of gem!

Introducing my lovely colleagues...!

Lily the film newcomer

Lili the new film/digital photographer.

Leon the newcomer

Leon the new digital photographer.

Su the OM cult member

and me, the Olympus OM cult. (I hope to collect more and more OM lenses!!!)

The only complain... These scans are way too over-sharpened! How I wish to have my own film scanner!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Julmust, Glögg, Pepparkakor, The Santa Lucia day

Santa Lucia Day

These things popped out and stayed on the shelf of market in Stockholm for the Christmas. Well, I wish the mood for Christmas is as good as when I was back in Stockholm.

A carbonated soft drink that outsells Coca-cola in christmas... Nvm... I don't like carbonated water that much anyway... but seems like Europeans like them just like they like beer and alcohol.

Or known as Hot Wine in France. This is nice!! You heat up the glögg and mix in some nuts and raisins then drink... Despite its alcoholic content, it tasted so good to me!

Or gingerbread cookie. Heard about gingerbread men and so long time ago, especially from the Shrek movie, and I got to bite on them and it actually was addictive...

This must be some magic, I was reading through the old unfinished blog entries and when I decided to edit this, I realized, yes, today is Santa Lucia!!

The most celebrated festival throughout the duration of my stay in Stockholm, on December 13, the Santa Lucia day, 2 years back.

Santa Lucia?

There was a blast in Central Stockholm. I hope nothing much worse will happen after this incident.

Monday, November 29, 2010


My lovely new/old OM1n

Finally, instagram has come to Singapore app store! 望穿秋水!

So what can this little app do? If you are familiar with Twitter, instagram can be described as the 'photo' version of Twitter, only with the additional function of applying filters on your photos to make it artsy-farsy(in other word, added innovative/creativity)!


The application is so fun that you can search your friends from your iPhone contact lists(if those instagram users key in their mobile number) or Facebook, Twitter users. So you can easily find those people that you want to follow! You will soon realize that there are so many talented phoneographers around.

About life...
Losing photography touch, as work life develops. Maybe that's an excuse.
Now that the new OM1n is here, glittering, I shouldn't let it go to the permanent state of hibernation. It's time to exercise its mechanical shutter!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Artists of Melaka


While digging old film photos of mine, I realize I haven't blogged about this.

The Windpipe Blower
The Windpipe Player, St. Paul.

The Painter
The Painter, St. Paul.

The Singer, Jonker.

Monday, October 25, 2010

the Library

Library. 6552

Olivia returned to my photography world 8 months after the Chinese New Year series, this time, dressed up as an English college chic tribute to the US drama "Gossip Girls". As for me, I returned to my digital photography world, using the Canon 35mm f/2 and 400D, leaving my film gears and Canon 50mm f/1.8 behind for a moment.

Library. 6400

I want to feature some other people in the shoot as well, it's boring to always have only Olivia, isn't it? Ailin came with her killer fashion sense, and make this photo shoot much more interesting.

Library. 6386

Library. Ailin 1

This white library is great, especially for portraits I believe. Why? The white paints on the wall act as reflector, to soften the shadow and since most of the backgrounds are white, it let the picture put more focus on your subject more!

Perhaps it's the age, I grow tired to play around with tones, and reckon the original tone is the best in this series. Especially after getting new monitor, I realize my previous edits are too warm, which kinda already let people brand it as my style...

Library. 6578

Library. 6307

Library. 6309

Flickr set - The Library

Monday, October 18, 2010

a walk inside Singapore's supreme court

corner of Rotunda Chamber

wandered around the Rotunda Chamber.
the girl came down from the 2nd floor, descending the staircase covered by velvets.
only to find that, everything is not the same anymore and everything is still changing.
and tears rolled down her cheek helplessly.
she is alone, left behind by the ever-changing world.


I had never tried architecture or details of buildings. I was still looking for scenes like the above around the Supreme Court of Justice. I always rather not to waste my shutter for anything that I don't see worth taking, as I have to delete those pictures later.


Rare open house, by the old supreme court and old city hall, which will be closed for renovation and become museum 3 years later.


HM took quite some many photos of me in the supreme court. With someone in the picture, it gives life to the otherwise difficult to photograph picture. I don't know how Jevon fared with his love for old buildings. (He took a small piece of the broken tile, like always)

Well this is the only pic of me in my camera...

the Vintage

and photos from Huimin's camera:

magical yellow light

a corner of Supreme Court

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bobby's Affairs 2, with rambutan

greed eyes

His hair, shiny and curly under the evening light. Can you resist not to go forward and stroke him?

a handshake

the Treat!

These pictures were taken before Barnie was introduced to the Su family, and before Bobby got into accident that impacted one of his hind leg...

He is still as cute as ever! Despite now my dad's love is only about 40% on him and 60% on Barnie!

Olympus OM2n + Zuiko 50mm f/1.4
Kodak Gold 100

Monday, September 20, 2010

Analogue Hong Kong: 文武廟

Smoky, Dreamy

It's almost the end of September now, which means, I am already back from HK for more than a year. One of the reason why film is so great, I am only seeing the results now after more than 1 year!!!

Red Talisman

Smoky Rise

The small temple is located in Central Hong Kong. Unique because of the smokes and lights that penetrate through the ceiling into the temple.

Finally Michael pretended to pray against the light and hazy smoke. The tone killed me... Ouch. I must shoot more film with my Olympus OM2n and his little gems.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Kodak E100VS, from more than a year ago

Instant Gratified

Quite contradictory to the above pic, this slide film was actually only processed few months after finish the roll, and the scans take even longer time. More than a year?

The film stories range from the Changi Airport racing car vs plane, to the visit of 3 Pang sisters.


Shades of red in Blue.

40, Slow, y y Y Y

NTU in green.

Reds. Red

Jun almost consumed by red.

The colours with good scan, superb. Slides are great, to conclude. I have to find some labs which can scan good quality negatives! It's great that the local labs in Seremban add some unique flavour to the negatives. However, these surprises sometimes are not really that desirable. I want to get myself a film scanner! Tempted tempted.

All the reason to take out some spare time, to burn my photography interest up again.

Canon, everywhere

All the surge in digital SLR photography recently...

Friday, September 10, 2010

iPhone 4: customized wallpapers!

A great idea from Momo. Turn iPhone home screen into a notice-board-like home screen.

This is my current home screen and lock screen screenshots! For lock screen i forgot that I can actually snap a screenshot while it's locked! Therefore I just did one from the wallpaper setting.

Screenshot HOME

Screenshot LOCK

I'm sure my sis will scream at me for being unfair to Bobby again! Not my fault, Barnie is too irresistible! Well, I will make another one for Bobby soon. Dog themed dog themed!!

Marcus and MK are coming!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iPhone4 as a camera

Sunset Bougainvillea

After some time getting used to my new iPhone4, something inside the iPhone4 lens urged me to write a review for it.

I couldn't wait to make a conclusion first, this amazing little gem that can be kept in my pocket, is the best camera phone that I have ever seen! Sony Ericsson's were great, but technology is always getting better and better.

Sharp and crisp, are the 2 words. iPhone4 really lives up the expectation. Didn't regret at all for buying it.

The camera interface is designed in such a way that you are able to point at your subject, and iPhone4 will adjust the exposure according to the subject. Handy feature but sometimes it will still pose as a problem... For example if the subject should be exposed 2 stops more than the grey level...

She is a curious young pup

Under good light condition, the pictures appear sharp and with reasonable good contrast.

Kolo Mee

Low light, works good with noise, of course, but this is natural for every digital camera.


With edit done with PS Express, crop + some saturation/exposure adjustment. The post processing apps of course are not up to the standard of those in computer softwares.

Choa Chu Kang INT

With some edit (done in LightRoom) to spice up the pictures!

Barnie grew a bit bigger

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

µ[mju:]-II & Kodak Gold 400

Olympus μ[mju:]-II box

Got this modern classic used camera at a reasonable price. I know it's now quite higly sought after by film enthusiasts, because it's really a gem! This little guy comes with fixed 35mm f/2.8 lens, which is quite a big aperture lens for a compact camera. Most likely you will spot another µ[mju:]-II with an "All Weather" sticker. Yeah, I'm not afraid of you splashing water towards my camera! I'm armed with this!

Rain, 南洋

Didn't get to shoot many photos, only some photos meant for testing. This was the camera that was responsible for shooting Marcus's journey here in Singapore. I wonder why the colours of the film are off, the film is not expired?

Marcus and me

Marcus and BS

Barnie is on film too, with my newly acquired Olympus mju II + Kodak Gold 400 film. She is just too cute, I couldn't resist not to quickly go and develop the film that contains her pictures. Argh!!! Her ears!!!

Barnie + Mju II


Mum n Barnie

In a nutshell, the versatility and compactness of this camera, and most importantly, the big aperture 35mm lens, are what make this camera a modern classic. I still remember how the seller remarked, "why do you still need this film camera?", and my inner ego was laughing happily for getting this as a bargain! It's still in pristine condition! Ha ha ha.