µ[mju:]-II & Kodak Gold 400

Olympus μ[mju:]-II box

Got this modern classic used camera at a reasonable price. I know it's now quite higly sought after by film enthusiasts, because it's really a gem! This little guy comes with fixed 35mm f/2.8 lens, which is quite a big aperture lens for a compact camera. Most likely you will spot another µ[mju:]-II with an "All Weather" sticker. Yeah, I'm not afraid of you splashing water towards my camera! I'm armed with this!

Rain, 南洋

Didn't get to shoot many photos, only some photos meant for testing. This was the camera that was responsible for shooting Marcus's journey here in Singapore. I wonder why the colours of the film are off, the film is not expired?

Marcus and me

Marcus and BS

Barnie is on film too, with my newly acquired Olympus mju II + Kodak Gold 400 film. She is just too cute, I couldn't resist not to quickly go and develop the film that contains her pictures. Argh!!! Her ears!!!

Barnie + Mju II


Mum n Barnie

In a nutshell, the versatility and compactness of this camera, and most importantly, the big aperture 35mm lens, are what make this camera a modern classic. I still remember how the seller remarked, "why do you still need this film camera?", and my inner ego was laughing happily for getting this as a bargain! It's still in pristine condition! Ha ha ha.


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