Little Devil, Barnie the Beagle

Barnie, a beagle

A chat in MSN in one ordinary afternoon, Marcus told me that his aunt had a puppy of Basset Hound aka "Hush Puppies" breed to give away. He asked, do you want? Of course I want but what about my dad and mum? So I asked dad for his opinion, surprisingly he agreed to adopt the puppy. I was like, are you sure? How about mum? He assured me that mum was consent about this. Go ahead, I told Marcus. On the same day, Marcus and his mum went to fetch the little puppy from his aunt, because aunt Connie said that she was afraid that her sister might give the puppy to others first so had to go and get it before others do. Thanks aunty and Marcus.

I'm a HYPER dog

Now, my house has a new addition of member, and her name is... Barnie! Her original name was "Tuk Tuk" but mum dislikes the name. So, we gave her a new name that appeals to all of us.


Like any other new born babies, this little pup does get tired after hopping around us after some time too. My sis said that she looks cutest when she just woke up from her sleep and still blur blur.

Tired, then rest.

Sleepy Dog

Sleeping Beauty

She is the cutest ever being, when she fell asleep in the lap of daddy. She likes my dad, I'm sure. My mum told me today that she actually sat on the sofa quietly and watched TV!

Taking a nap, in daddy's lap

Hmmm... Sorry Bobby, the attention will goes to this little pup first. I'm sure when she grows up, both you will get the same attention!


>.< When I brought Roche home, Mumble get a lil annoyed because Roche kept following her and bugged her. Then Joker, the little pug. Both of them like her so much I guess it's because Joker is irresistible :) After a year, we brought Gambit home. Luckily they can get along with each other very well. Bobby will get a lil emo but I believe he'll get over it soon, just make sure keep the equality between them :)

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