Morning Light, a giveback to NTU

Morning Light

A simple picture of black and white print from 2 years back, was chosen as one of the complimentary pictures of a set of official notecards (well what's notecard?) by NTU officer of Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. Surprisingly, I thought that they would have chosen the pictures from the Misty Campus series. Well, I like this picture too! The lecturer who taught me how to print from 2 years back had given some praises to this picture too!

It's yet another milestone for me in my photography journey. Albeit I got not much talent in arts and photography, I am learning step by step, to improve my senses.


Welcome, the new puppy as our new family member! A female Beagle!
Thanks Marcus for bringing the puppy to our house, and I'm glad that dad and mum are willing and happy to accept this new member!
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