Seremban Delicacy 2

Continuing the food trail of Seremban. I want to promote Serembanese food, to the rest of the world who just happen to overlook the so-many and unique delicacies in my lovely hometown, that deserve better attention.

3. Old Street Chicken Rice (再豐雞飯)


This chicken rice shop is located at the junction near a popular main street that is called by us Serembanese as, the "Casket Street" or 棺材街. Tracing along a small street beside this shop will lead you to the cultural street of Seremban, where I had the second photoshoot session with Olivia.

The Chicken Rice Shop

The chicken rice here, is not cheap for Serembanese standard. That was why my mum and dad don't like the idea of coming here. However, their impression was because they ordered half of the chicken last time and rice individually. This time, I suggested to them to order each of us a set instead. Reasonable price for the taste and effort put in by the lady boss in making the chicken and rice tasty.

Teochew style Chicken Rice

My dad made a remark that the rice was too salty for him. Hmm... This was because the lady boss infused the oil and gravy from the chicken into the rice. Repetitively. They also seemed to dislike this shop as they complained about the price and services. However, I actually saw that the lady boss and the staffs there were quite friendly when I requested to take a picture of the lady boss. She said she doesn't like her picture to be taken by others but she did suggest me to take picture of the shop, just not her, while smiling to me. Lifted my spirit up! Oh yea, people can be nice most of the times if we don't always think towards the negative side!

The chicken rice indeed lives up its reputation in the town of Seremban, albeit I think I would still prefer the highly popular chicken rice in Rasah Jaya first phase, used to be in 露天 (Lou Tin) restaurant. Definitely will write about their chicken rice next time when I am back to Seremban. Most of the time, if you go there to buy the chicken rice after 12.30pm, you will be told by the friendly boss, "Sorry please come again..."

4. Haji Sheriff Chendols and Rojak

Cendol or Chendol?

The Haji Shariff is used to be known as "Lake Garden Cendol", as they were operating a small cendol stall next to lake of Seremban, beside Hotel Malaysia. After the hawker food center there was closed down, I was wondering for few years where had they already shifted to. Not possible that they ended their business at their peak, right?

The investigation went on, and finally after gathering feedbacks from friends, oh! The shop is now in Paul's street or next to the Golden Triangle. The green paint that they had chosen for their shop made them so distinctive from the other shops. As they serve halal food, we could see different races of Malaysians enjoying meals here.

Oh, think about the traditional cendol, but with the addition of either red beans or sticky rice! More choices even for cendols! Usually the cendol is coupled up with a serving of Rojak mee! Although according to feedbacks, many people prefer rojak in the Bukit Blossom hawker center, but the rojak over there is worth trying.

Going on going on...

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