Thursday, February 13, 2014

Denim x Bukit Rasah

Denim x Rasah

We haven't had such session for years (perhaps 2 years) and Seremban doesn't fail to amaze me with good locations to shoot with!

We stumbled upon this dilapidated bungalow hidden in Bukit Rasah of Seremban when I wanted to go up a hill beside the Rasah road that I passed by, but never get an excuse to drive in and explore. It was a house any photographer will fall in love at first sight.

The decay that eats into the bungalow, bit by bit, and the nature is reclaiming the abandoned house.


Confidence and Gracefulness

Decaying building


Each of us has at least a few satisfying pictures.

With a rose

Marcus in denim


My style of the shoot:

Style of the day

Uniqlo denim shirt, Chino from Topman, Onitsuka Tiger's Mexico 66, and Pebble watch!

All pictures are shot on Fujifilm X100S.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Multiple Exposure

Multi Exposed in CNY

Inspired by the beautiful work by Sara K Byrne here:

The Rides

Going back to Sitiawan every year is something I look forward to every Chinese New Year. Some more this year's CNY was full of cool air.

Total 8km ride / K1 / #vscocam

Biking in the rubber estate / C3 / #vscocam

This morning's ride in Kampung / G1 / #vscocam

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hiking: Kranji

Kranji 04

Continuing the KTM railway series from 2 years ago with YN. Things have been changing so quickly in Singapore, the tracks have been removed as compared to two years ago, and Nature is reclaiming the old rail track slowly. Walking along the once-a-railway-track path feel so good that I sincerely hope the Singapore government will not do development project on these beautiful trails.

The walk into the trail needs only a little bit of adventurous spirit. It was not straight forward, not labelled. We first found this place by tracing along the MRT track, but because I passed by the abandoned raised overhead bridge every morning from Yew Tee to Kranji.

Kranji 01

Posing with the XZ1 that I almost put up into forum to sell it away. I was armed with X100, loaned from my friend Wanting.

Kranji 02

Kranji 03

Blessed with a morning without raining and bright sunlight, the light was soft, the air was cool. I did not even sweat much after walking for about an hour.

Along the trail, this "Horse Grass" form some kind of wall which create an interesting scenery.

Kranji 06

Two kittens ran out of nowhere, the first thing they did, meow and melt our hearts. They played with us, for quite some time and followed us until we reached a road. Fortunately, they did not follow us anymore as the road was kind of busy.

Kranji: Kittens

The X100 performed well and the images are good and sharp, at f/2. Although it is a bit late for me to realise the goodness of this camera but better late or never! It's a beast, and I feel even more itchy to buy a X100S now, or X-E1?

The first time we were able to finally complete the old railway track from Kranji to Choa Chu Kang area.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cooking, Resume

Tea Afternoon

With such gloomy weather outside, we stayed at home, doing nothing.

I was arranging the table for a good composition of food photo. She was preparing food inside the kitchen. Such a seemingly normal day, but signified recovery.

Our Fika with the Sun is back.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

VSCO Camera

It's getting dark. #squaready #vscocam

Twilight. #squaready #vscocam

Silver grasses #squaready #vscocam

Recently my desire to shoot has gone on for quite a long time. Have to thank VSCO for that. Great gallery they are curating at the Grid, great articles, great designs.

All the film-like quality just made me feel like picking up my camera/phone to make pictures!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Penang: Flashback the Straits Chinese charms

An Everyday view

Temple of Goddess of Mercy

Walking around George Town of Penang, the once British Colonial town filled with the so called Straits Chinese, I could smell the incense of the Kwan Yin temple, with the ashes blown into my eyes by the sea breeze, we wandered into a quiet shrine in a city bustling with traffic, and bumped into Chai Diam Ma but got turned away as they were already closing but kind enough to let us went in and take some pictures.

Chai Diam Ma

Chai Diam Ma

The Peranakan or Baba Nyonya mansion, is impressive. I am glad that it is open up to the public for us to appreciate the fusion between Chinese and local culture, that made us so unique. Furnitures were glittering, sunlight poured in on the floor and illuminate the interior of the house with such soft quality of light. Even better, Aunt Annie, a Straits Chinese was inside and came to talked to us, even offered to take picture together with us. Glad that we got to talk to such a lovely old lady. I heard that she acted in one of Ah Niu's movies.

Aunt Annie and us

Aunt Annie


My aunt was so kind that she brought us to everywhere we requested and insisted to pay for every meal there. Even though she was not a Penangite, but now she kinda blended in, speaks like a Penangite, and prayed like a Penangite as well.

Blessing from a Monk