Friday, October 30, 2009

Bak Kut Teh

Impressed by Boon Ming's effort. I think he has potential to be a really famous person in the future.

They had been featured in newspapers, both Chinese and English papers in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as radio programme! Great isn't it? Never imagine that! Those must be their effort to grab the attention of the medias!

Perhaps people who are going to Taiwan, you can take their itinerary as reference! I believe you will find the melody of Aborigines of Taiwan!

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Wish them all the best in winning the 1000 0000 (I never deal with such big number, is it 10mil? I think it's in Taiwan New Dollar, but still... really a big sum!)

It's been a bit last minute, but vote before 31st Oct.


They WON!!!
Read here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Italy, Turin, Alps City: Part 1

Right after the UK trip, BS and me flew back to Stockholm at 2pm, and my next flight from Stockholm to Italy is... 4pm! Parted with BS, I waited for Jevon, CK and Navan, to board another plane. In few hours time, we were in the Bergamo (Milan) airport! So we took shuttle bus to Milan train station first, and subsequently took a train to the city of Turin.

It was already almost midnight by the time we arrived in Turin. We didn't feel as safe as when we were in Stockholm, but nothing happened to us as we found our way to the hostel. Wow, it was a very local-style furnished hostel and we got to stay only for a night though... Too bad.

The next morning, we packed up, and left this lovely but eerie hotel with our luggage and backpacks to wander around this beautiful city shadowed by Alps, after the rain.

Tasting the famous Italian dessert, Gelato ice cream, after having a meal in McD. (Why would we even eat McD!?!?)

We saw soccer stars from Juventus!! Although I know none of them but clearly Navan and CK were very excited and I was secretly laughing at BS who had only seen the stadiums in London.

Continuing through the Via's in Turin, we followed Jevon's path of pilgrimage to Turin Cathedral, which has the Shroud of Turin.

Yeah, the shroud was at the end of this corridor, I think we were not supposed to take pictures here but I did, anyway.

Just few steps from the Duomo of Turin, a ruin which looks like castle wall was across the field, kinda symbolic for Turin (because when I searched in wiki, there is this picture about this ruin).

We wandered around the city of Turin and we happened to find this well-known (but we dunno) Caffè Al Bicerin.

Chocolate, Espresso, cream were served in these glasses called Bicerins. (And hence the name of this drink). Sipping slowly at the drink, wow, I must savour every drop as it costs me a 5 EUR for this small glass of drink!

Tradional Piedmontese: Bicerin means small cup.

All in all, Turin was a wonderful city, that really gave me lots of surprises, I liked Turin almost more than the other Italian cities that I went to.

Although this was just a short day in Turin, but there were so much things to blog about that I decided to write more about it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rediscovering Singapore: Little India

Under the blazing sun, the Indians gathered in Little India of Singapore, for the festival of Diwali. This was my first time visiting Little India, albeit almost 3 full years of being here in Singapore. The purple line from Outram Park MRT to Little India MRT was never so crowded with people. This was the day of their biggest celebration, of course!

Women dressed up in beautiful + colourful sarees, tied their hair up with orchid flowers, elegantly strolled towards the temples and celebrations. It was really eye-catching and beautiful.

Street view that I found familiarity, isn't this street look just like the town in Malaysia? Well, at least I found such familiarity in Seremban.

Perhaps many people would have noticed an Indian culture, which the people here do not accept very much. The brotherhood among friends, is displayed by their gestures of holding hands together. This appears to be some gay-ish gestures to us but then this is their culture.

We visited the famous Mustafa shopping center too, which basically has EVERYTHING ranges from jeweleries, to toiletries! At a very much reasonable price and it's 24-hours!

Perhaps I should pay more attention to Singapore and re-discover Singapore, along with my passion for photography!

Oh, almost forget to mention my Singapore shooting mate, fashion adviser, and best friend, PandaLin! hahaha:

Thanks for the advices on my new pair of sneakers and the wonderful treat in White Dog Cafe! I believe BS and me, were very full and satisfied, and I believe you found great satisfaction in treating us too!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heidelberg, Poets' Town

After procrastinate for so long (just a few days over a year)... Finally I can update the travelogue with Heidelberg, the poets' town! (I noticed that I actually had written about Heidelberg after finish writing this...)

One of the October trip, the impulse to book cheap air ticket, the crowds in Munich for the Oktoberfest that manage to scare me off (sorry Navan... put you aeroplane), finally brought me to Heidelberg, a poet's old town in Germany's Baden-Württemberg state.

Touching down at Baden-Baden Airpark, we took a shuttle bus straight to Heidelberg, parting with Navan and his friend. Autumn sunlight shone through the bus window, and Tim, CK, Jason, Joker, Huimin and me, 3 from Hong Kong, 2 from Singapore and 1 from Malaysia. In fact, we have many different passports. Jason has Australian passport, Tim and Joker's passports are different type of HK passport too, but showing only the 3 passports that represent us.

Warm evening light. We strolled along the river of Nackar. Then we wandered into the old town area, for a short while looking for dinner.

In the end, we found nothing we want to eat in the town (either they looked too expensive or something we could find here). Dragging the luggage, we walked 30 minutes along the Neckar River at night, to find our hostel beside a zoo.

Woke up at the next morning from the comfortable sleep, oh yeah, every traveler's pray and wish, a sunny autumn day!

Since we were only staying a night, after the breakfast, we packed up and carried our luggage, and left the hostel with no regret (we regretted it after). With such backpack on our back, we trod another 30 minutes along the beautiful Neckar River (in sunny autumn) back to the Poets' Old Town. The view along the river was just... simply breathtaking! It was the European river side that I had imagined before I stepped on the continent!

Finally we wandered into old town, well, not much nice pictures here. Perhaps because of a lesson we had learnt, which was to find a place to settle the backpack or luggage. It was just too tiring to carry the burden and sight-seeing at the same time.

Although we missed Oktoberfest, we got to see another festival being celebrated inside the old town and people were all over the place. Musicians, beer, pork, candies, people with painted face, clowns, etc etc. Laughter, and smiles were hanging on almost everyone's face. The old town felt so lively and crowded.

As if we warped back to the past when we was these people performing and roaming about the street.

We had our lunch, a heavy one, in one of the restaurant, Vetter 33, which was just beside the famous bridge which I forgot the name, as recommended by a group of Malaysians we met at the castle. To savour the taste of the popular German Pork Knee, each of us ordered one for ourselves, and it was really a wrong decision.

Oh I really miss the Pork Knee I had in the old town of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. It was not the pork knee that I like that I had in Heidelberg...

When it was about afternoon, we rushed to the train station, and continued our journey to Strasbourg.

P/S: Now only I realized that I wrote duplicate posts on Heidelberg! OMG.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teatime with Olivia

An afternoon in Seremban. One of my 3 days break back in my lovely hometown. It is always when I am back to my hometown that I can produce a lot of photos.

Morning was spent with MK in the photoshoot, and a afternoon tea time with Olivia, continued on with night's gathering with my Kuomin gang, and finally another yamcha session with Mewah guys. Well, my time was short in Seremban, especially weekends, of course I had to busy myself with these social activities to maintain a good relationship with my friends! As for family, haha, Sunday.

It was actually her birthday that day, no celebration for her by me though. Yes, I'm not a romantic guy and I don't know how to do these things. Perhaps in future when I have a gf then I might... haha. However, I promised her to give her something special, which she will definitely like! A Black and White PRINT! from FILM! OK, in future, in December.


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