Teatime with Olivia

An afternoon in Seremban. One of my 3 days break back in my lovely hometown. It is always when I am back to my hometown that I can produce a lot of photos.

Morning was spent with MK in the photoshoot, and a afternoon tea time with Olivia, continued on with night's gathering with my Kuomin gang, and finally another yamcha session with Mewah guys. Well, my time was short in Seremban, especially weekends, of course I had to busy myself with these social activities to maintain a good relationship with my friends! As for family, haha, Sunday.

It was actually her birthday that day, no celebration for her by me though. Yes, I'm not a romantic guy and I don't know how to do these things. Perhaps in future when I have a gf then I might... haha. However, I promised her to give her something special, which she will definitely like! A Black and White PRINT! from FILM! OK, in future, in December.


Slideshow/Flickr set here:

Smile, and a quote

P/S: Should I add some watermark/copyright information on my pictures (as suggested by my sis)? I feel lazy and worry that those things might spoil the overall feel of the pictures.

Changed the layout to accomodate bigger pictures of mine, no more jaggy edges in older browsers (because I did not have to resize the pics from flickr!)!


reddishTea said…
yes, you should laaa! put a small one like the pic u sent me for my laptop wallpaper.
just a small one will do.

btw, i wan nice fonts.
Gabriel said…
very nice series...
you're getting better and better... =)
marcusfootk said…
tak boleh comment coz i not good in shooting...but i do like those photos
淇淇 said…
can i give some suggestion? i think there is no point to put small watermark cause i can easily touch up and crop the photo via photohop. What u can do is a crossover big watermark to avoid the fake but yet it will spoil the feel.For me ... i think it is okay to put naturally without anything cause if the person really wanna take ur photo .. u cant help anything unless not to post online:)
p/s: u can put a small email address so those who interested can contact u :)
Kanki said…
kiki thanks for the advice! yeah you are right. that's y i don't like to put watermark.
However, putting email address there is kinda not good too! haha. maybe just the website address first next time.

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