Bak Kut Teh

Impressed by Boon Ming's effort. I think he has potential to be a really famous person in the future.

They had been featured in newspapers, both Chinese and English papers in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as radio programme! Great isn't it? Never imagine that! Those must be their effort to grab the attention of the medias!

Perhaps people who are going to Taiwan, you can take their itinerary as reference! I believe you will find the melody of Aborigines of Taiwan!

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Wish them all the best in winning the 1000 0000 (I never deal with such big number, is it 10mil? I think it's in Taiwan New Dollar, but still... really a big sum!)

It's been a bit last minute, but vote before 31st Oct.


They WON!!!
Read here!


Anonymous said…
Wah... An advertisement indeed. Haha. I met Boon Ming yesterday, he told me that he had to rush back to KL for Aifm interview. Wao~

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