Italy, Turin, Alps City: Part 1

Right after the UK trip, BS and me flew back to Stockholm at 2pm, and my next flight from Stockholm to Italy is... 4pm! Parted with BS, I waited for Jevon, CK and Navan, to board another plane. In few hours time, we were in the Bergamo (Milan) airport! So we took shuttle bus to Milan train station first, and subsequently took a train to the city of Turin.

It was already almost midnight by the time we arrived in Turin. We didn't feel as safe as when we were in Stockholm, but nothing happened to us as we found our way to the hostel. Wow, it was a very local-style furnished hostel and we got to stay only for a night though... Too bad.

The next morning, we packed up, and left this lovely but eerie hotel with our luggage and backpacks to wander around this beautiful city shadowed by Alps, after the rain.

Tasting the famous Italian dessert, Gelato ice cream, after having a meal in McD. (Why would we even eat McD!?!?)

We saw soccer stars from Juventus!! Although I know none of them but clearly Navan and CK were very excited and I was secretly laughing at BS who had only seen the stadiums in London.

Continuing through the Via's in Turin, we followed Jevon's path of pilgrimage to Turin Cathedral, which has the Shroud of Turin.

Yeah, the shroud was at the end of this corridor, I think we were not supposed to take pictures here but I did, anyway.

Just few steps from the Duomo of Turin, a ruin which looks like castle wall was across the field, kinda symbolic for Turin (because when I searched in wiki, there is this picture about this ruin).

We wandered around the city of Turin and we happened to find this well-known (but we dunno) Caffè Al Bicerin.

Chocolate, Espresso, cream were served in these glasses called Bicerins. (And hence the name of this drink). Sipping slowly at the drink, wow, I must savour every drop as it costs me a 5 EUR for this small glass of drink!

Tradional Piedmontese: Bicerin means small cup.

All in all, Turin was a wonderful city, that really gave me lots of surprises, I liked Turin almost more than the other Italian cities that I went to.

Although this was just a short day in Turin, but there were so much things to blog about that I decided to write more about it!


marcusfootk said…
Go Italy eat McD, sound like u r advertising mcD. haha....

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