Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Hometown 七月故鄉

It's July again. After a year, Olivia and me finally successfully scheduled another photo shoot, which the previous one was done in her house along with Ailin.

Everyone's progressing into another stage of their life. Olivia, into an adult working life now. But still, she does not fail to come home once every week. This is the time when I can have the session with her but usually I am busy in the weekends. Thankful that we made it at last, and schedule for another shoot the following week!

This street of Seremban, my hometown, a small town of Malaysia, which I deemed boring and dull before I took up photography. Now I started to appreciate every little thing around me, the beauty just lies around Seremban for me to discover! And I found this street which had been in the town center all these while but I had never given much notice about it!

So I chose this place as the setting of this photo shoot. This street, is full of nice old wall textures and old Chinese merchant shops. The rainy morning did not stop us, in fact I was rejoiced to see the drizzles! Soft light and moody streets!

If not because of Olivia's ideas and her openness to pose, this series would not be as good. Thanks to her fashion sense too that the shots did not turn into some disaster. So she did her own make up, put on her own dress, post processing was easy as breeze, just need to fix some eyebags and occasionally some double chins.

A few photos were chosen to be post processed in a retro-film style and I guess that really suits the mode perfectly. Some other pictures will be posted soon with only retouch but original colours.

Head over to my Flickr Gallery for a slideshow of this 七月故鄉 series by clicking:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Hong Kong Trip

Just back from the great Hong Kong trip which I did not expect very much from it.

Really feel very grateful to the hospitality that my HK friends had shown me, especially Jason! He accommodated me for days and even accompanied me everyday!

In the picture shown is my new toy I bought in HK! Won't be bringing along with me all the time as it should be my sister's present and I'm supposed to use only once in a while.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seremban Delicacy 1

Seremban, such a small town but full of delicacies. No other food can replace the uniqueness of the Seremban food that we grew up with.

These 2 are both located along the stretch of Lee Sam Road just behind both new and old The Store.

1. 和記魚丸粉 Fah Kee Fishball Noodle
First note about the food in Seremban. Pictured above, mum savouring the famous fried meat ball, the 乾撈老鼠粉 of 和記 (Fah Kee).

The stall is behind new The Store, beside the Chinese cemetery and Sheppard Boys' Club. It is hidden inside an ancient shopping complex building. I heard that the Ice Kacang is equally nice but a bit pricey.

Oh, the fried meat balls... I can down so many meat balls but to take care of the wallet so that it doesn't bleed too much, have to watch out a bit. Sorry Singapore's fried meat balls, in my opinion, they are nowhere near this one.

2. Bazaar Ice Kacang
Our favourite Ice Kacang after school when we were in Form 6.

Right beside the Methodist Church or ACS, at the 2nd floor of the Bazaar building. There are malay food on the same level and a few Chinese stalls selling chicken rice, wantan mee, the usual Serembanese Chinese food.

Mum and the Ice Kacang

Not very expensive, the aunty gives a lot of jellys, nuts, and ice are just so finely blended. Other than ice kacang, try their Longan drink, which is a bit too sweet for me. I prefer ice kacang. Finally, have to mention this, I love the Thai style Fried Rice from the stall next to the ica kacang stall. So so so 'JENG'!! It's an usual combination, ice kacang + fried rice for those Serembanese having food here!

Monday, July 13, 2009


When I tried to explain to Singaporeans where is Seremban, the easiest way is usually "between KL and Melaka". Well, even Serembanese doubted my PM when I made some remark about Seremban being INTERESTING. But something I am quite sure already that the posting of my Facebook Seremban album had gotten some good responses among the Serembanese(at least we are still proud of Seremban!)

I don't care whether how famous are your Ipoh Chicken or Penang Laksa. They are good but not necessary better than my Seremban delicacies! You can say that my tongue grew up accustomed to those taste but I just LOVE Seremban and I am proud of being a Serembanese.

I embarked on the journey to rediscover Seremban, using my recently acquired Olympus OM2 and a roll of Kodak Gold 200 film to do some test shoot.

Do not be disturbed, the Chinese cemetery behind new the Store.

My happy snappy friend Mingwei, with the colour tone(which we love) that is almost unique only to film!

The green tone was so appealing that I asked Mingwei to help me take a picture of there.

I will start to write about delicacies in Seremban after I took a few pictures of it. Ann had been nudging me to do so and I think it is fun for Serembanese to read, and serves as a note for myself.

P/S: If you are from Seremban and happen to stumble upon this, do leave a comment to recommend some nice food.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New (Old) Toy: Olympus OM2

Just like fashion, there comes a time when modernity is defined by reversing to the old, analogue age.

Mingwei brought back the camera to me after KEH delivered it to Singapore. Well, of course we couldn't wait and I mounted my Zuiko 50mm f1.4 lens on it, installed fresh SR44 batteries for the exposure metering, and loaded the film in the old mechanical way and started shooting around Seremban!

Can't wait to shoot a few more rolls and bring them to develop.

Both body and lens are purchased from KEH. Bargain (BGN) grade but work fine for me.

To date, I still do not own any new items for my photography-related equipment... Be it lens, be it DSLR, be it tripod, everything is second hand.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Magical Gunung Datuk

The planned Penang trip was canceled. Instead, we went to the funeral of Chean Voon.

Since almost everyone has already graduated except Marc and me, it's getting more and more difficult to gather everyone. To make-up for the cancellation of Penang trip, we went to Gunung Datuk instead for a short morning trip.

Gunung Datuk is just about 20 minutes drive from Seremban. It is located in the district of Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. We prepared quite a lot food and had a picnic there. I don't know why but MK them seems to think that this is a place with green grass that we could sit beside the river or waterfall and enjoyed the food. Turned out it was the very "Malaysian" style small hut instead.

We later went down to the stream for some photo-taking and enjoying the cool fresh air of the Magic Rain Forest.

First time shooting photos with water and long exposure combination.

If there were more photo enthusiasts... I would have hiked to a higher place. Seems like I was the only one doing the rock hopping and willing to explore around the place whereas others were complaining instead. Marc the Machine Gun even fell asleep to the sound of gushing water and beeps of insects!

Then, MK was complaining again, that she hates my camera and she is not photogenic at all and 'yer' this, 'yer' that. Finally gave up asking me to take picture for her and flashed her cameraphone K770i around for pictures instead.

There are still nice pics (seems nice to me) being taken at least, but I personally like this one very much with the lens flare and magical backlight. Yay, finally I took one photo with beautiful lens flare and backlight!!

Gotta love these lights! And the green green forest too!

Add ons: On the way back, the girls were discussing the recipe and ingredients of Ribena with us... Well, jelly, cubes, concentrated extract. Kudos to Jess, Effy and MK for being such open-minded and joker that made this trip so full of laughter. However, we did endure some bad singing from Marc the Machine Gun and Lala Kuan.

More pictures are to be found in my Facebook(they degrade my photos' quality!) album here.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Great Cancer Fighter

Chean Voon, you had shown us that, life is full of uncertainties. You taught us to treasure our life.

You will always be remembered, the great cancer fighter, who had such strong will to survive despite so many sufferings were brought by it.

I really don't know what else to say here.

Hope you are fine there in the paradise. Goodbye forever.