Seremban Delicacy 1

Seremban, such a small town but full of delicacies. No other food can replace the uniqueness of the Seremban food that we grew up with.

These 2 are both located along the stretch of Lee Sam Road just behind both new and old The Store.

1. 和記魚丸粉 Fah Kee Fishball Noodle
First note about the food in Seremban. Pictured above, mum savouring the famous fried meat ball, the 乾撈老鼠粉 of 和記 (Fah Kee).

The stall is behind new The Store, beside the Chinese cemetery and Sheppard Boys' Club. It is hidden inside an ancient shopping complex building. I heard that the Ice Kacang is equally nice but a bit pricey.

Oh, the fried meat balls... I can down so many meat balls but to take care of the wallet so that it doesn't bleed too much, have to watch out a bit. Sorry Singapore's fried meat balls, in my opinion, they are nowhere near this one.

2. Bazaar Ice Kacang
Our favourite Ice Kacang after school when we were in Form 6.

Right beside the Methodist Church or ACS, at the 2nd floor of the Bazaar building. There are malay food on the same level and a few Chinese stalls selling chicken rice, wantan mee, the usual Serembanese Chinese food.

Mum and the Ice Kacang

Not very expensive, the aunty gives a lot of jellys, nuts, and ice are just so finely blended. Other than ice kacang, try their Longan drink, which is a bit too sweet for me. I prefer ice kacang. Finally, have to mention this, I love the Thai style Fried Rice from the stall next to the ica kacang stall. So so so 'JENG'!! It's an usual combination, ice kacang + fried rice for those Serembanese having food here!


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