Magical Gunung Datuk

The planned Penang trip was canceled. Instead, we went to the funeral of Chean Voon.

Since almost everyone has already graduated except Marc and me, it's getting more and more difficult to gather everyone. To make-up for the cancellation of Penang trip, we went to Gunung Datuk instead for a short morning trip.

Gunung Datuk is just about 20 minutes drive from Seremban. It is located in the district of Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. We prepared quite a lot food and had a picnic there. I don't know why but MK them seems to think that this is a place with green grass that we could sit beside the river or waterfall and enjoyed the food. Turned out it was the very "Malaysian" style small hut instead.

We later went down to the stream for some photo-taking and enjoying the cool fresh air of the Magic Rain Forest.

First time shooting photos with water and long exposure combination.

If there were more photo enthusiasts... I would have hiked to a higher place. Seems like I was the only one doing the rock hopping and willing to explore around the place whereas others were complaining instead. Marc the Machine Gun even fell asleep to the sound of gushing water and beeps of insects!

Then, MK was complaining again, that she hates my camera and she is not photogenic at all and 'yer' this, 'yer' that. Finally gave up asking me to take picture for her and flashed her cameraphone K770i around for pictures instead.

There are still nice pics (seems nice to me) being taken at least, but I personally like this one very much with the lens flare and magical backlight. Yay, finally I took one photo with beautiful lens flare and backlight!!

Gotta love these lights! And the green green forest too!

Add ons: On the way back, the girls were discussing the recipe and ingredients of Ribena with us... Well, jelly, cubes, concentrated extract. Kudos to Jess, Effy and MK for being such open-minded and joker that made this trip so full of laughter. However, we did endure some bad singing from Marc the Machine Gun and Lala Kuan.

More pictures are to be found in my Facebook(they degrade my photos' quality!) album here.


WayneHO大飞 said…
wa, no where to complain your friends but in your blog a? lol...
Kanki said…
have to let them know a bit de!
they won't visit my blog so often so the chance of them seeing this is quite low also haha
marcusfootk said…
what what.....i m here!!i m the great machine gun Marc??and it an honour for u guys coz u all have the chance to listen to my singing!!appreciate it

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