July Hometown 七月故鄉

It's July again. After a year, Olivia and me finally successfully scheduled another photo shoot, which the previous one was done in her house along with Ailin.

Everyone's progressing into another stage of their life. Olivia, into an adult working life now. But still, she does not fail to come home once every week. This is the time when I can have the session with her but usually I am busy in the weekends. Thankful that we made it at last, and schedule for another shoot the following week!

This street of Seremban, my hometown, a small town of Malaysia, which I deemed boring and dull before I took up photography. Now I started to appreciate every little thing around me, the beauty just lies around Seremban for me to discover! And I found this street which had been in the town center all these while but I had never given much notice about it!

So I chose this place as the setting of this photo shoot. This street, is full of nice old wall textures and old Chinese merchant shops. The rainy morning did not stop us, in fact I was rejoiced to see the drizzles! Soft light and moody streets!

If not because of Olivia's ideas and her openness to pose, this series would not be as good. Thanks to her fashion sense too that the shots did not turn into some disaster. So she did her own make up, put on her own dress, post processing was easy as breeze, just need to fix some eyebags and occasionally some double chins.

A few photos were chosen to be post processed in a retro-film style and I guess that really suits the mode perfectly. Some other pictures will be posted soon with only retouch but original colours.

Head over to my Flickr Gallery for a slideshow of this 七月故鄉 series by clicking:


marcusfootk said…
when is my turn when is my turn??hahahaha......now u like sban ady!!!try to influence mk so that he wont complain about sban anymore

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