Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fuzhou delights: Wine Chicken Mee Sua 福州红酒面线

Fuzhou Delights: 鸡酒面线

A traditional delicacy that all of us Fuzhou dialect folks come to appreciate when we grow older. It might not taste good in non-Fuzhou people's tongues though.

The fine noodle, or more commonly known as "MeeSua" in Malaysia and Singapore, or simply 面线, of this is different from those that you can find in your local supermarket. The texture, the different thickness of the noodles, all are giving you a hint that this noodle is pure handicraft, made by hands and not machine! I don't like the commercially available meesua but I love the handmade one from my dad's hometown, Sitiawan. 800 years of history, originated from China.

Sitiawan 手工面线

Every chinese new year, this delicacy will be prepared, especially on the First day. All of us, love it!

Read up about the Meesua in chinese here:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Iceland: Falls, Journey into the city of Reykjavik

Continuing as the final chapter of my Iceland Travelogue

Again, we were competing with time. The sun was hanging on the horizon, the visibility was getting worse as seconds ticked away. We had to leave the Black Beach.


Passing by Vellir, I took the last look at the Petur Hill and our cottage, and drove on, headed towards Reykjavik.

On our way, we saw old cottages like those I saw in Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit. Wow, really was like fairy tale. Couldn't find pictures though.

Skógafoss was an unintended encounter. We saw the Tourist's sign and we steered our car into that direction. Well, most of Iceland's natural wonders are just beside their Ring Road, which makes it so convenient!

Who would want to sit here?

The waterfall has a width of 25 meters and a drop of 60 meters. Imagine standing beside it. The spray that produced by the waterfall wets my camera, our clothes, therefore we didn't stay very long there.

Skógafoss, Winter

Then we had to continue on, before the weather turned nasty again...



As for the city of Reykjavik, not much to be seen as when we reached there at around 5pm, the streets were lit with man-made lights and no more natural sun light at that hour. Worse still, the snow started to fall down, heavily. We wandered around the city, our downs covered with snow, searching for food and interesting stuffs.


The city of heavy snow, and fairy-tale like buildings... It must be wonderful to stroll in, during the summer.

Prayer in the Snow

Still, we went around to seek for the Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower. I couldn't remember whether we found it, or just saw a trail of light being shone into the sky. Then we also drove to the Viking's monument, and the very unique church of Reykjavik which it was under construction...



Ahh... didn't realize the tower of light was across the sea, until I saw the pics... Else I would have focus more nicely on that pillar.

Meals? I love their meals even though those meals seem very simple, just burger and chips or fish etc but somehow both this last day's meals tasted so awesome! Most importantly, the price was not very steep. Bearable.


Lunch on the way back to Reykjavik from the Black Sands.


Dinner, every bite tasted so good...


Nothing much that I can think of getting as souvenirs but I think their coins were really interesting, worth collecting!

After the town slept, we went to return the car, and spent our night in the airport to conclude this trip.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hopping around the Golden Mist

Finally I am done with my 4 years of undergraduate study. Ended officially with the FYP presentation.

Shine Happily

Thanks to Icho to start the initiative to go and have a morning walk around NTU. Now I realize that actually among Tzuchings there are many hidden talented photographers too.
Finally, I got to take pictures of the golden mist with my 400D!!


Cast of the day:

Icho Syu



Jesus light pouring down

and Yanni. I believe all of us will be remembering that morning, as it was an really unforgettable morning.