Fuzhou delights: Wine Chicken Mee Sua 福州红酒面线

Fuzhou Delights: 鸡酒面线

A traditional delicacy that all of us Fuzhou dialect folks come to appreciate when we grow older. It might not taste good in non-Fuzhou people's tongues though.

The fine noodle, or more commonly known as "MeeSua" in Malaysia and Singapore, or simply 面线, of this is different from those that you can find in your local supermarket. The texture, the different thickness of the noodles, all are giving you a hint that this noodle is pure handicraft, made by hands and not machine! I don't like the commercially available meesua but I love the handmade one from my dad's hometown, Sitiawan. 800 years of history, originated from China.

Sitiawan 手工面线

Every chinese new year, this delicacy will be prepared, especially on the First day. All of us, love it!

Read up about the Meesua in chinese here:


yichin said…
The thing about Fuzhou mee sua i realise is that every household has different way of cooking it. Like yours, there is black fungus being used. For mine, my mom only use chickin and lots of ginger. And since the wine is homemade also, every household will have wine of variety taste. Depending on the proportion of the yeast, 'red rice', and glutinous rice, the wine will taste different.
Kanki said…
yea, i forgot to mention that this is actually not the one that i ate in my grandma's house! she also used only gingers and chicken and the wine dye the chicken red, unlike my moumj's version! haha. This is because my mum didn't use red wine but another type of wine, also self-brewed.
yichin said…
Oo... I see... I won't recommend people to eat the red wine chicken mee sua sold outside. Cos they use the 'paste' left over from brewing the wine. So the mee sua will lack the oomph compare to home-made and home-cooked.
Kanki said…
i never try those sold outside before leh... btw u know the pronounciation for meesua, in fuzhou?

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