Sunday, June 26, 2011

San Diego: La Jolla's first impression

Accidentally recorded in a Reverse Chronology way, this should have been the first entry about La Jolla...

la jolla coastal area

Perhaps, the memory of San Diego that got etched into my memory other than Qualcomm, is the beautiful La Jolla, which made me want to feature it for the 3rd time in my blog.

And up until the third post, I still haven't written about the most touristic side of the beach in La Jolla, the La Jolla Cove and Children's Pool.

late spring's wild flower

It was late spring. I was lucky that flowers were still everywhere on the beach.

Views along the beach did not stop to amaze me. Especially when I came to the Children's Pool. Used to be a playground for children, due to the naturally formed shallow lagoon, now it had been overtaken by the army of seals. They came up to the shore to nap and to become the attention of tourists.

Children's Pool

The arching walkway for tourists to get a better view of the seals, crowds and strong waves that splashed onto the wall of the walkway made this walk to stay dry a difficult stunt.

Smiling seal

As if smiling in the dream, a white seal napped there on the beach along with its family.


Seagulls came to make friends with the seals too. Harmony in nature in display here. The envy of humans who cannot even live peacefully within their own social circles...

a silent corner

meditation by the sea

reading by the evening sun

wading teens


San Diegans were enjoying the beach, doing all kind of activity along the beach. Despite the cool weather, they could be seen wading half naked and with shorts, jogging along the beach, reading under the sun by the beach... What a seemingly carefree life! A contrast to typical Asians' way of living life.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

San Diego: La Jolla again

This beaches of San Diego is so beautiful, how can I not feature it once again?

sea breeze

From this cliff overlooking the city skyline of San Diego downtown, while the sea breeze

First week was usually the most exciting week of a travel. As I was on my own most of the time, the nearest scenic place to Qualcomm campus in Mira Mesa Boulevard is the Torrey Pines and La Jolla. This weekend, I decided to visit La Jolla again for the beauty that I have possibly missed.

On the Edge of a Cliff

* Taken using a Sony NEX5 + 16mm.

watching the sea

* the iPhone 4 version

A cliff where people could sit at the tip and swing their legs out in the air and let the breeze to hit the face softly.

Oh I was so lucky to have Xiaozhou here in San Diego to bring me around for a little!! Without him I won't know this amazing cliff to see the perfect marriage of San Diego downtown and Pacific Ocean.

Xiaozhou and the Sea

It was late spring... Too bad... the flowers were starting to wither away, but I still manage to find flower field beside this high cliff. Just like what was imagined before about a field full of wild yellow flowers, and wild rabbits hopping out sometimes.

Flower Field

Pictures were taken using a Sony NEX5 and iPhone 4.

San Diego: the Beach of La Jolla

La Jolla, the pearl of San Diego. This post is to showcase some of the pictures from the beautiful beach of La Jolla.

This was the first day I was using my new Sony NEX5 camera. I stumbled into the beach after some directionless driving on Torrey Pines North Avenue. First I saw the gliders in the sky,

Twin Glyders

realize that I was overlooking a beautiful beach down there from a cliff. Oh there was a way to get down!


A beautiful beach awaited me down there after the steep climb downwards (with trails of course!). I realized that, this is the Black's Beach that I had been told of by others. The nudists' favourite beach. Beautiful, is the word. Luckily it was in the afternoon during office hours, not many crowds. I was still with my camera, menacing and threatening the others who were naked, and I was too dumb to realize that.

Running towards the Sea

The beach was so beautiful, my heart was like the kid in the picture, felt like just spring out from my clothes into my birthday suit (just like the others on the Black's Beach) and ran into the waves.

Strolling along the beautiful beach

Firm sandy beach during the low tide is a perfect place for running too. Too bad I haven't had the mood to drive to the beach and run after that even though my heart wanted to go so much!

Running Man

Sometimes my friends wondered, is San Diego all about walking along the beach and take in the sunlight and sea breeze like a plant? California simply has some of the best and beautiful beaches in the world! No wonder the Americans love California beaches, and I am glad that I was at some of the finest beaches of California!

Until someone approached me, told me I should not come here with a camera. I was lucky, he was telling me my rude and impolite behaviour on the beach. I felt so guilty but at least I could tell him that I did not try to take any picture of the nude. Pointless nudities are tasteless.

Not forgetting my beloved iPhone's shot before concluding this.

beach walk