San Diego: La Jolla again

This beaches of San Diego is so beautiful, how can I not feature it once again?

sea breeze

From this cliff overlooking the city skyline of San Diego downtown, while the sea breeze

First week was usually the most exciting week of a travel. As I was on my own most of the time, the nearest scenic place to Qualcomm campus in Mira Mesa Boulevard is the Torrey Pines and La Jolla. This weekend, I decided to visit La Jolla again for the beauty that I have possibly missed.

On the Edge of a Cliff

* Taken using a Sony NEX5 + 16mm.

watching the sea

* the iPhone 4 version

A cliff where people could sit at the tip and swing their legs out in the air and let the breeze to hit the face softly.

Oh I was so lucky to have Xiaozhou here in San Diego to bring me around for a little!! Without him I won't know this amazing cliff to see the perfect marriage of San Diego downtown and Pacific Ocean.

Xiaozhou and the Sea

It was late spring... Too bad... the flowers were starting to wither away, but I still manage to find flower field beside this high cliff. Just like what was imagined before about a field full of wild yellow flowers, and wild rabbits hopping out sometimes.

Flower Field

Pictures were taken using a Sony NEX5 and iPhone 4.


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