San Diego: the Beach of La Jolla

La Jolla, the pearl of San Diego. This post is to showcase some of the pictures from the beautiful beach of La Jolla.

This was the first day I was using my new Sony NEX5 camera. I stumbled into the beach after some directionless driving on Torrey Pines North Avenue. First I saw the gliders in the sky,

Twin Glyders

realize that I was overlooking a beautiful beach down there from a cliff. Oh there was a way to get down!


A beautiful beach awaited me down there after the steep climb downwards (with trails of course!). I realized that, this is the Black's Beach that I had been told of by others. The nudists' favourite beach. Beautiful, is the word. Luckily it was in the afternoon during office hours, not many crowds. I was still with my camera, menacing and threatening the others who were naked, and I was too dumb to realize that.

Running towards the Sea

The beach was so beautiful, my heart was like the kid in the picture, felt like just spring out from my clothes into my birthday suit (just like the others on the Black's Beach) and ran into the waves.

Strolling along the beautiful beach

Firm sandy beach during the low tide is a perfect place for running too. Too bad I haven't had the mood to drive to the beach and run after that even though my heart wanted to go so much!

Running Man

Sometimes my friends wondered, is San Diego all about walking along the beach and take in the sunlight and sea breeze like a plant? California simply has some of the best and beautiful beaches in the world! No wonder the Americans love California beaches, and I am glad that I was at some of the finest beaches of California!

Until someone approached me, told me I should not come here with a camera. I was lucky, he was telling me my rude and impolite behaviour on the beach. I felt so guilty but at least I could tell him that I did not try to take any picture of the nude. Pointless nudities are tasteless.

Not forgetting my beloved iPhone's shot before concluding this.

beach walk


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