Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Stockholm Adventure

I took my first ever long distance flight, without any entertainment inside the Thai Airway's 747 airplane for more than 10 hours, to this land of strangers, Sweden. We used to stare at the Caucassians as if they were aliens, but now the situation reverses, we are the aliens of this land. The excitement? It is not as great as expected, and I can say that I didn't even feel the nervousness of being in a place totally different from where I grew up. Perhaps because there were 4 other people (BS, Wling, Wilbur and Silicon) going along with us.

Stockholm Life

To our surprise(well it's not really surprise as I heard many people told me before), Svenska are so nice. They will not leave you there to starve to death for sure, I believe. Most people were patient enough to answer our questions when we were lost in the metropolis.

We found our way to KTH by sharing the taxi fares. Luckily there were 5 of us and the taxi fare became a bearable cost...

Stockholm Life

Isn't KTH interesting? Well, many things look interesting to me, who had never been out of Asia before.

Stockholm Life

And the first day we were there, Jevon treated us to a nice meatball dinner. Our first ever Swedish meatball in Sweden! Made us feel so homely, thanks Jevon.

After almost more than half a month without proper internet access, I can finally upload my photos, and have a stable connection. More updates on life in Sweden soon. We had sumptuous home-made dinner almost every evening and meeting and inviting new people to our dinner, or going to new friend's apartment for dinner! Non-stop, I think we will really grow very fat after a few more weeks!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 888, Gloomy 888

Bobby and Rotten Rambutan

The day of 888, opening of China's biggest event this year, the Olympic 2008!
Yet, it's the day of the departure of my neighbour.

While counting down to the flight to Stockholm, I am happily selecting and editting photos at home while going out to buy stuffs with soon-to-be roommate bs and mum.

As the day of the flight approach, my time to gather with family and friends here in Seremban getting more compact and precious. Some of the NTU friends told me they will be coming to send me off, oh they are so nice.

This time, I tried out a lot effects with Olivia's photos using Lightroom Presets and retouching in photoshop. Texture, old photos, sepia-esque. Sometimes it's very headache to finalize on which one. As Mau told me, "Welcome to the world of Subjectivity, where everyone is right and no one is wrong".

Well, today I went to print some photos too, but yet to manage the colour profile efficiently to match the printer's colour profile. I wonder how I can print accurately, asking them for the printer model and profile? Nowadays you pay $$ to see the sour, twisted face of the shopkeepers in T1 Fujifilm while getting prints which are expensive and were wrongly printed. Next time shall change a pair of spec and go to the correct photo printing shop.

More Olivia's photos:

Ogos Cover Girl

Waiting by the Staircase

The Magic Window

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our August Cover Girl


Today, it's not a very well-planned photoshoot session but Olivia proved to be the really good model to offset that.

Flickr's Olivia Set

Such a long time never spent time with Olivia, be it chatting or movie-watching. Blame myself for being lazy and too passive. When it comes to photos though, ha ha, different story.

First time going into her house, and impressive furniture and spacious house! In addition, Olivia's mum was so nice she treated us oat drink. Friendly Olivia's elder sis too. Paiseh, kacau olivia and her family for such long time ha ha.

We experienced with Ailin's friend's halogen light. There were 3 of them but one of them went out of order and they were just too hard for us to control, and they got heaty so easily. Tried mahjong paper, tracing paper to diffuse, but couldn't get good results, so just bounce the light off the wall. Luckily Olivia was patient enough and also 'professional' to let us experience. Eventually most of the nice shots are beside the window, using natural light and reflecting it with reflectors, again. Reflector worked like magic again.

The session went on from 9am in the morning to 3pm. Of course, I included the chit-chatting time and transferring photos to the disk.


The Wonderful


More photos soon.

So sorry Olivia, you deserve better photos. :(

P/S: Yesterday was great too... great chatting with best friends from primary school whom one of them I did not meet with in the past 9 or 10 years, almost one decade.