Happy 888, Gloomy 888

Bobby and Rotten Rambutan

The day of 888, opening of China's biggest event this year, the Olympic 2008!
Yet, it's the day of the departure of my neighbour.

While counting down to the flight to Stockholm, I am happily selecting and editting photos at home while going out to buy stuffs with soon-to-be roommate bs and mum.

As the day of the flight approach, my time to gather with family and friends here in Seremban getting more compact and precious. Some of the NTU friends told me they will be coming to send me off, oh they are so nice.

This time, I tried out a lot effects with Olivia's photos using Lightroom Presets and retouching in photoshop. Texture, old photos, sepia-esque. Sometimes it's very headache to finalize on which one. As Mau told me, "Welcome to the world of Subjectivity, where everyone is right and no one is wrong".

Well, today I went to print some photos too, but yet to manage the colour profile efficiently to match the printer's colour profile. I wonder how I can print accurately, asking them for the printer model and profile? Nowadays you pay $$ to see the sour, twisted face of the shopkeepers in T1 Fujifilm while getting prints which are expensive and were wrongly printed. Next time shall change a pair of spec and go to the correct photo printing shop.

More Olivia's photos:

Ogos Cover Girl

Waiting by the Staircase

The Magic Window


marcusfootk said…
i wonder where and how you get those background when u shoot your July cover girl-->Olivia. but you have really done a good job which i can see the different between the previous batch of photos and new batch of photos which shown your improvement. Ha ha..i do not know how to evaluate though!!!But Olivia is really pretty and very good in posing...
Good Job
Kanki said…
Olivia is not July but August, lol.

The background is just the white plain wall of her house. Easy, u find a window and shoot beside it... The light will be like magical one!
Szeshee said…
nice photoshoot!!!
realy wish to have a pro camera. haha! then i can be just like u!

P@ndaLin said…
but really, when i looked back at the photos we shoot, im happy..hahaa.. i told Olivia wait till im back then we go find nice nice scenery and shoot with her...outdoor.. hehee
ViNcenT said…
Gonna miss u deep deep
Hey..heard that you're off to somewhere at the opposite side of world.

Nothing much, just read your blog..meaningful. =]

all the best pal!


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