The Stockholm Adventure

I took my first ever long distance flight, without any entertainment inside the Thai Airway's 747 airplane for more than 10 hours, to this land of strangers, Sweden. We used to stare at the Caucassians as if they were aliens, but now the situation reverses, we are the aliens of this land. The excitement? It is not as great as expected, and I can say that I didn't even feel the nervousness of being in a place totally different from where I grew up. Perhaps because there were 4 other people (BS, Wling, Wilbur and Silicon) going along with us.

Stockholm Life

To our surprise(well it's not really surprise as I heard many people told me before), Svenska are so nice. They will not leave you there to starve to death for sure, I believe. Most people were patient enough to answer our questions when we were lost in the metropolis.

We found our way to KTH by sharing the taxi fares. Luckily there were 5 of us and the taxi fare became a bearable cost...

Stockholm Life

Isn't KTH interesting? Well, many things look interesting to me, who had never been out of Asia before.

Stockholm Life

And the first day we were there, Jevon treated us to a nice meatball dinner. Our first ever Swedish meatball in Sweden! Made us feel so homely, thanks Jevon.

After almost more than half a month without proper internet access, I can finally upload my photos, and have a stable connection. More updates on life in Sweden soon. We had sumptuous home-made dinner almost every evening and meeting and inviting new people to our dinner, or going to new friend's apartment for dinner! Non-stop, I think we will really grow very fat after a few more weeks!


ViNcenT said…
At last...u uploaded sth....GO visit my blog pictures of Innsbruck and Linz.
marcusfootk said…
finally u uploaded something here..waited for quite some times...!!nothing change except ur hair!!!hahaha.....n i have been waiting for ur reply!!!seems like u can adapt well too....
Gabriel said…
finally! an update. haha
'wait until neck also become long'

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