Monday, March 30, 2009

An Assignment: NTU Buddhist Society

Continue to the hectic Sunday's log.

Went unprepared to the Student Activities' Center, armed with minimum knowledge of studio lighting and my 400D + 50mm f/1.8 lens, I felt really directionless. Luckily hours before I asked Ming Wei along, and how delighted to hear the positive answer! Without his help I wouldn't know how to set up the lighting even I had 2 spotlights!

Smart Ming Wei, out of desperateness for a diffuser, and reflector, got a big white poster from Student Union room, oh with this the lighting looks so much softer on the face!

We actually wasted a lot of time due to the lack of experience. The group of Buddhists had to wait patiently beside and one by one came forward to be shot. Luckily they were not just a bunch of boring people, they would entertain themselves by doing their own shots too, while I was shooting.

People who do not know about photography and white balance, sure will be amazed by why the orangey warm halogen light will finally become the more 'natural' light as seen below!

Above photos were taken by Ming Wei with his Nikon D40 and a manual 50mm f/1.4. Hope to have one such good sharp lens too!

My favourite shots, actually are the group shots...

Here's the full set with the Guest Pass:
NTU Buddhist Main Comms

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Pang Sisters

Turn back, and Smile

It was a very busy Sunday, just one day after my 23rd birthday.

Morning - Chinese Garden with the 3 sisters.
Afternoon - Zhou's Kitchen with the EVOLVE committees, yes thanks for the cake and surprise celebration!
Night - Buddhist Society's main committee photo-shoot (studio-style)

Focus on the 3 sisters first. Thanks to them I got to satisfy a bit of hunger for a casual photoshoot session.

Transparent Umbrella

Ai Lin - My long time friend since Bukit Mewah's time. Let's count the years, 8 years already? Famous for her friendly attitude to everyone and currently making a living by design. My favourite fashion adviser, I trust her taste! To make myself look better, 靠晒你!

Ai Wei - The eldest sister of AiLin. Didn't know much about her and last time I couldn't always recognize her because she seemed to always change her style and look, like the Chinese "變臉" show! Another adviser of me in general stuffs when I retouch photos, or post process or website. Nice to chat to in MSN ha ha.


Jun - The youngest of the siblings, and perhaps the smartest and most introvert(as compared to the elder 2)(內涵派). My junior in Bukit Mewah but didn't really know much about her. Now she can converse fluently in Japanese like a native speaker and dress like a Japanese too!

Spot the common point in the above 3 pictures and you will find that, the transparent umbrella was the "PROP of THE DAY".

Although Chinese Garden is too fake like any other Singapore monuments, but we like some of the places. The tea house for example, and where we shot the above 3 pictures. I like the trees and the shades.

Met up with them for 2 days berturut-turut and Ai Lin kept treating me... until I felt very bad. Luckily 3 of them were so understanding. Poor student who doesn't have fixed income yet, please forgive me! I paid back by trying my best to make the photos look good!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The story began, since her Groupies 吉他手. Radio was playing her 躺在你的衣櫃, rare, but I was lucky enough to be captivated instantly...

Time flies, 7 years, I had been listening to her songs, reading her words, updates and paying attention at her photos, and seeing her changes.

She is my photography inspiration. Yes, it was her interest in Lomo, that sparked my interest in photography. From looking at others' work in Lomography, I thought about buying a Lomo LCA and shoot the beautiful high contrast and colour-off photos, but realized that films are too expensive. She had published a book on her lomography, 不厭其煩 and is still sought after by me, but I still yet to have chance to get my hand on it.

My poetic inspiration as well.

Her popularity raised so much recently. My selfish little self felt happy for her sometimes, but the fact that she will be shared by so many people... and I ended up being pushed to the back row when I thought I would be able to get closer to her.

The dream materialized a bit with the autograph. I imagined myself giving her the flickr Moo cards I made but damn it, I forgot about bringing along! A longer glance from her, was enough to satisfy me, yes I think she paid me another smiling glance when I told her 辛苦了...

I finally got to see her in live, strumming her Gibson and singing my favourite songs. All my doubts about her were gone instantly, she is still my goddess, my teacher of life.

Yes, this is a confession. I admire you, I always do, 陳綺貞.

Update on my birthday: I took up my courage and made a bet, and yes, I AM GOING TO HER CONCERT!!! After telling Cheer's Singapore's organizer my stories of liking her, and impressed them!

Flash back to that day... (Not recorded by me of course...)

As usual, my favourites of her have been just guitar and her clean voice.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Golden Circle

Explosion of geysers, fissure of continents, waterfalls, all in a day. This is none other than the classic Golden Circle route which first timers in Iceland will take. The route lives up its name as the route that showcase the many different faces of Iceland, or the best of Iceland! Yet, I think Iceland still has much more to offer than these.

After a good night's sleep in the comfy-homey Laugarvatn Youth Hostel (highly recommended, I wished I could spend another night here), we set off in dark morning, seeing the snow, sighed but what could we do with the weather?

Left look, right look, Laugarvatn, in between Þingvellir and Geysir, Gullfoss. No shortest path here. Luckily they are all within 1 hour's drive.

First stop, Þingvellir National Park. Another UNESCO-listed world heritage. The mountain shortcut to Þingvellir National Park was closed in winter, hence our journey became 1 hour, from the summer's 10 minutes' drive.

A shot taken in Þingvellir National Park. Nikulásargjá, or better known as Peningagjá, Coin Fissure in English. Can you see the glittering coins littered up at the bottom of the fissure?

A significant fact about this fissure, besides the magnificent view of it. By crossing this rift, literally you traversed through Europe and America continents! So I can tell others that I had stepped foot on American continent too! Haha.

The Plates Separate here

Time was running short, the daylight was short. We lingered too long time here and had to rush to the legendary Geysir! Before that we made a short stop to Kerio, but nothing interesting about the dead volcano mouth here, because everything was white...

After about another half an hour, we came to a place covered in mists, passing by landscape that I only can dream of now. Sound of water sprouting could be heard, that told us, we were now in Geysir!

Strokkur Geyser, now being the main attraction here, instead of Geysir, the original geyser where 'geyser' derived the name from, exploded once in about 10 minutes.

Everyone was being patient here, waiting for Strokkur to put out its rage against us from the earth, then at the moment of its explosion snapped happily like no tomorrow.

Beautiful colour, mysteriously turquoise water boiling from the earth and as if already a norm, I could see coins littering on the bottom.

Next stop, the final, ok, the last place we got to see in daylight. Golden Waterfalls!

Gullfoss, Half Frozen

Just a few kilometers away from Geysir, there lies the majestic Golden Waterfalls or Gullfoss. The waterfalls, might not look as impressive as the Niagara Falls or the Queens fall, it is still carrying the name of the "most visited" and "most popular" waterfall of Iceland. No rainbows in the winter to be seen, neither crowds, perhaps to be optimistic, this is one of a better time to visit the fall?

Lone Ranger

We further wasted a bit more time here by waiting Jevon to trip and fall so many times that BS decided to video his miserable experience so that it can become a laughstock for us in future.

More Iceland!