The story began, since her Groupies 吉他手. Radio was playing her 躺在你的衣櫃, rare, but I was lucky enough to be captivated instantly...

Time flies, 7 years, I had been listening to her songs, reading her words, updates and paying attention at her photos, and seeing her changes.

She is my photography inspiration. Yes, it was her interest in Lomo, that sparked my interest in photography. From looking at others' work in Lomography, I thought about buying a Lomo LCA and shoot the beautiful high contrast and colour-off photos, but realized that films are too expensive. She had published a book on her lomography, 不厭其煩 and is still sought after by me, but I still yet to have chance to get my hand on it.

My poetic inspiration as well.

Her popularity raised so much recently. My selfish little self felt happy for her sometimes, but the fact that she will be shared by so many people... and I ended up being pushed to the back row when I thought I would be able to get closer to her.

The dream materialized a bit with the autograph. I imagined myself giving her the flickr Moo cards I made but damn it, I forgot about bringing along! A longer glance from her, was enough to satisfy me, yes I think she paid me another smiling glance when I told her 辛苦了...

I finally got to see her in live, strumming her Gibson and singing my favourite songs. All my doubts about her were gone instantly, she is still my goddess, my teacher of life.

Yes, this is a confession. I admire you, I always do, 陳綺貞.

Update on my birthday: I took up my courage and made a bet, and yes, I AM GOING TO HER CONCERT!!! After telling Cheer's Singapore's organizer my stories of liking her, and impressed them!

Flash back to that day... (Not recorded by me of course...)

As usual, my favourites of her have been just guitar and her clean voice.


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