Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wake up at 6am

Pouring the Golden Rays

Somehow, and don't know how, my biological clock is being set to wake me up every morning at 6am. In the first few days, this was causing me to feel uneasy all day, and constantly sleepy. Maybe I slept too late on the previous day too.

I have come to accept this fact. What I can do now, is to enjoy the early morning silence and coolness.

Sun dawns from the mist

Suggestion for a Sunday morning routine in NTU:
1. Go for a walk around NTU when the sun is just dawning on the horizon.
2. Take pictures, although pictures are not good enough to reproduce the beautiful scenes that you see.
3. Have a breakfast set, with someone special.
4. Go and have fun with friends in sports. Perspire and welcome the heat of afternoon with a cold water shower.

The next few mornings, I saw it again. Shrouded in golden mist. It was like a dream.

Golden Mist

The rays were so amazing, they left their traces on the mist particles, painted them with golden. Like some scenes from movies that describe memories.

More, the misty campus set in my flickr:

early waker

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kings of Convenience

A Norwegian duo from the city of Bergen, consisting of members Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. Strumming their classical guitars and sing with low voices. No handsome faces, just ordinary people that you might neglect if you happen to pass by them.

Quiet is the new loud, as their album's name implies, the quietness in their music really do grab my attention. Interesting album covers they have too, don't you agree? I was wondering whether the lady is part of Kings of Convenience, turns out she is Eirik's girlfriend.

Their music has a charm that will make you stop the work on your hand, and concentrate on the tunes generated by their fingers. With lyrics easy to be understood and simplistic melody, I would categorize them as minimalists!

Can't stop listening to them.
This final exam in NTU, I have their music accompanying me to study.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Misty Campus of NTU

Whenever there are rainy evenings, or even afternoon, (well, rainy days) the campus will be filled with a sense of melancholic beauty. The fogs and mist come to take over the campus, the garden that I love so much.


Especially the mornings, before the afternoon heat waves hit, just when the sleepy sun starts to pour its generous yellow light and painted everything, everywhere with golden colour. Everything is a beauty to the eyes of the beholder, at least, to me.

Yellow Stripes in the Morning

Perhaps that is the reason why people like to go so far into NTU for cycling.


Or, even taking a walk will lift your spirits up for the day.

Father and Son

How does a morning of weekends feel like? Silence, peace of mind?
Take a stroll along Nanyang Crescent, and you will know.

Lone Tree in the Misty morning

a chair

Perhaps can go into the School of Art too before the 'artistic' students are there to distract you from staring into blankness.

Most of the undergraduates are still asleep in the morning. I guess this is the new lifestyle of the generation-Y?

ahead lies our future, with mists

I will have to say goodbye to this campus soon.
We are all going into the reality of life. Mists and unknowns lying ahead.


There is an eye in my pocket, which I feel more like taking snapshots with it, than my clumsy dSLR.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

東方韻味: Eastern Charms

In Front of Taoist House

Many Chinese from other countries, the Far East especially, do not know much about our Chinese culture here. We, actually have Cheongsam / 旗袍 too!

This Chinese New Year, the year of Tiger, yay, our zodiac animal! Olivia seemed to be very excited about her cheongsam after our photoshoot for July Hometown. And she bought a few of them, gold, black, pink, yellow, any colour, you name it (ok i exaggerated).

This photoshoot was actually quite random. We didn't do planning at all. So we met up, had breakfast, still felt lost, where to go? OK, go 蜈蚣山 (Centipedes Hill), considered one of the rare local tourist spots of Seremban. 4 photographers in total, Ailin, Sin Hui, Kee, and me.


We found it to be a bit too touristic for a temple. Well, a lot of status of god, not expertly crafted, lined along one of the best spot for photo. Hmm... I tried my best not to capture them into the frame. Luckily, there wasn't much people around yet, there is a reason why I like to shoot in the morning.


We even risked ourselves by trekking over to a big tree on top of the hill.

Towards the end of the photoshoot, we found the really nice spots for colours, framing, and well, architecture! The Taoist temple, not for tourists, full of interesting bright colours, reds, yellows, black! Look at the colours!

in front of the taoists' house



This photoshoot doesn't give any breakthrough like what the By the Weeds series or the July Hometown series gave me... Will aim for a breakthrough next time!

Flickr Set: CNY