Wake up at 6am

Pouring the Golden Rays

Somehow, and don't know how, my biological clock is being set to wake me up every morning at 6am. In the first few days, this was causing me to feel uneasy all day, and constantly sleepy. Maybe I slept too late on the previous day too.

I have come to accept this fact. What I can do now, is to enjoy the early morning silence and coolness.

Sun dawns from the mist

Suggestion for a Sunday morning routine in NTU:
1. Go for a walk around NTU when the sun is just dawning on the horizon.
2. Take pictures, although pictures are not good enough to reproduce the beautiful scenes that you see.
3. Have a breakfast set, with someone special.
4. Go and have fun with friends in sports. Perspire and welcome the heat of afternoon with a cold water shower.

The next few mornings, I saw it again. Shrouded in golden mist. It was like a dream.

Golden Mist

The rays were so amazing, they left their traces on the mist particles, painted them with golden. Like some scenes from movies that describe memories.

More, the misty campus set in my flickr:

early waker


Anonymous said…
今早跑步的时候经过照片中的地点,突然有种感慨。一年后,那一座森林将会被新加坡政府砍掉,拿来做Green Technology Science Park,Misty不Misty很想都已经不重要了。我的Prof的办公室也会搬到去那里,我突然也明白为什么那里在建篱笆了。有空多为以后的Juniors多拍照留念吧。
Kanki said…
虽然没有很多下次,但是下次可以 jio 下我。可能我心情好我就会 join 你。

好吧,下次我就尝试带着我的相机去拍。虽然我用手机的时候会比较有 feel。

想象不到那森林砍了后 NTU 会变成什么样子。也许就不会有我今天那么喜欢 NTU 的 feel 了。
Icho said…

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