Kings of Convenience

A Norwegian duo from the city of Bergen, consisting of members Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. Strumming their classical guitars and sing with low voices. No handsome faces, just ordinary people that you might neglect if you happen to pass by them.

Quiet is the new loud, as their album's name implies, the quietness in their music really do grab my attention. Interesting album covers they have too, don't you agree? I was wondering whether the lady is part of Kings of Convenience, turns out she is Eirik's girlfriend.

Their music has a charm that will make you stop the work on your hand, and concentrate on the tunes generated by their fingers. With lyrics easy to be understood and simplistic melody, I would categorize them as minimalists!

Can't stop listening to them.
This final exam in NTU, I have their music accompanying me to study.


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