Saturday, April 3, 2010

東方韻味: Eastern Charms

In Front of Taoist House

Many Chinese from other countries, the Far East especially, do not know much about our Chinese culture here. We, actually have Cheongsam / 旗袍 too!

This Chinese New Year, the year of Tiger, yay, our zodiac animal! Olivia seemed to be very excited about her cheongsam after our photoshoot for July Hometown. And she bought a few of them, gold, black, pink, yellow, any colour, you name it (ok i exaggerated).

This photoshoot was actually quite random. We didn't do planning at all. So we met up, had breakfast, still felt lost, where to go? OK, go 蜈蚣山 (Centipedes Hill), considered one of the rare local tourist spots of Seremban. 4 photographers in total, Ailin, Sin Hui, Kee, and me.


We found it to be a bit too touristic for a temple. Well, a lot of status of god, not expertly crafted, lined along one of the best spot for photo. Hmm... I tried my best not to capture them into the frame. Luckily, there wasn't much people around yet, there is a reason why I like to shoot in the morning.


We even risked ourselves by trekking over to a big tree on top of the hill.

Towards the end of the photoshoot, we found the really nice spots for colours, framing, and well, architecture! The Taoist temple, not for tourists, full of interesting bright colours, reds, yellows, black! Look at the colours!

in front of the taoists' house



This photoshoot doesn't give any breakthrough like what the By the Weeds series or the July Hometown series gave me... Will aim for a breakthrough next time!

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