Misty Campus of NTU

Whenever there are rainy evenings, or even afternoon, (well, rainy days) the campus will be filled with a sense of melancholic beauty. The fogs and mist come to take over the campus, the garden that I love so much.


Especially the mornings, before the afternoon heat waves hit, just when the sleepy sun starts to pour its generous yellow light and painted everything, everywhere with golden colour. Everything is a beauty to the eyes of the beholder, at least, to me.

Yellow Stripes in the Morning

Perhaps that is the reason why people like to go so far into NTU for cycling.


Or, even taking a walk will lift your spirits up for the day.

Father and Son

How does a morning of weekends feel like? Silence, peace of mind?
Take a stroll along Nanyang Crescent, and you will know.

Lone Tree in the Misty morning

a chair

Perhaps can go into the School of Art too before the 'artistic' students are there to distract you from staring into blankness.

Most of the undergraduates are still asleep in the morning. I guess this is the new lifestyle of the generation-Y?

ahead lies our future, with mists

I will have to say goodbye to this campus soon.
We are all going into the reality of life. Mists and unknowns lying ahead.


There is an eye in my pocket, which I feel more like taking snapshots with it, than my clumsy dSLR.


reddishTea said…
nice photosssssss!
Anonymous said…
Finally, you posted it up! Hehe... Excellent photos.

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