New (Old) Toy: Olympus OM2

Just like fashion, there comes a time when modernity is defined by reversing to the old, analogue age.

Mingwei brought back the camera to me after KEH delivered it to Singapore. Well, of course we couldn't wait and I mounted my Zuiko 50mm f1.4 lens on it, installed fresh SR44 batteries for the exposure metering, and loaded the film in the old mechanical way and started shooting around Seremban!

Can't wait to shoot a few more rolls and bring them to develop.

Both body and lens are purchased from KEH. Bargain (BGN) grade but work fine for me.

To date, I still do not own any new items for my photography-related equipment... Be it lens, be it DSLR, be it tripod, everything is second hand.


WayneHO大飞 said…
Now u don't have income, it's okay to use 2nd-hand 1st to strengthen ur skill.
Anonymous said…
What a professional cameraman...hehe! Although you lack of those equipments now, but I'm believe that you be able to capture nice shot...keep it up!
Kanki said…
wow with all u guys' encouragement sure i will try to do my best to improve!!

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