When I tried to explain to Singaporeans where is Seremban, the easiest way is usually "between KL and Melaka". Well, even Serembanese doubted my PM when I made some remark about Seremban being INTERESTING. But something I am quite sure already that the posting of my Facebook Seremban album had gotten some good responses among the Serembanese(at least we are still proud of Seremban!)

I don't care whether how famous are your Ipoh Chicken or Penang Laksa. They are good but not necessary better than my Seremban delicacies! You can say that my tongue grew up accustomed to those taste but I just LOVE Seremban and I am proud of being a Serembanese.

I embarked on the journey to rediscover Seremban, using my recently acquired Olympus OM2 and a roll of Kodak Gold 200 film to do some test shoot.

Do not be disturbed, the Chinese cemetery behind new the Store.

My happy snappy friend Mingwei, with the colour tone(which we love) that is almost unique only to film!

The green tone was so appealing that I asked Mingwei to help me take a picture of there.

I will start to write about delicacies in Seremban after I took a few pictures of it. Ann had been nudging me to do so and I think it is fun for Serembanese to read, and serves as a note for myself.

P/S: If you are from Seremban and happen to stumble upon this, do leave a comment to recommend some nice food.


Xuanly said…
O... there are a lot of nice food in pasar besar seremban.
"Beef noodle", "Squid bee hoon", "Hakka mee"...
The Song Kee Hawker stall, "fish porridge", "frog (tian ji) porridge".
marcusfootk said…
asia laksa in senawang,wood fry kuey teoh, mix pork porridge, and perhaps seremban fry crab

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