Rediscovering Singapore: Little India

Under the blazing sun, the Indians gathered in Little India of Singapore, for the festival of Diwali. This was my first time visiting Little India, albeit almost 3 full years of being here in Singapore. The purple line from Outram Park MRT to Little India MRT was never so crowded with people. This was the day of their biggest celebration, of course!

Women dressed up in beautiful + colourful sarees, tied their hair up with orchid flowers, elegantly strolled towards the temples and celebrations. It was really eye-catching and beautiful.

Street view that I found familiarity, isn't this street look just like the town in Malaysia? Well, at least I found such familiarity in Seremban.

Perhaps many people would have noticed an Indian culture, which the people here do not accept very much. The brotherhood among friends, is displayed by their gestures of holding hands together. This appears to be some gay-ish gestures to us but then this is their culture.

We visited the famous Mustafa shopping center too, which basically has EVERYTHING ranges from jeweleries, to toiletries! At a very much reasonable price and it's 24-hours!

Perhaps I should pay more attention to Singapore and re-discover Singapore, along with my passion for photography!

Oh, almost forget to mention my Singapore shooting mate, fashion adviser, and best friend, PandaLin! hahaha:

Thanks for the advices on my new pair of sneakers and the wonderful treat in White Dog Cafe! I believe BS and me, were very full and satisfied, and I believe you found great satisfaction in treating us too!

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