iPhone4 as a camera

Sunset Bougainvillea

After some time getting used to my new iPhone4, something inside the iPhone4 lens urged me to write a review for it.

I couldn't wait to make a conclusion first, this amazing little gem that can be kept in my pocket, is the best camera phone that I have ever seen! Sony Ericsson's were great, but technology is always getting better and better.

Sharp and crisp, are the 2 words. iPhone4 really lives up the expectation. Didn't regret at all for buying it.

The camera interface is designed in such a way that you are able to point at your subject, and iPhone4 will adjust the exposure according to the subject. Handy feature but sometimes it will still pose as a problem... For example if the subject should be exposed 2 stops more than the grey level...

She is a curious young pup

Under good light condition, the pictures appear sharp and with reasonable good contrast.

Kolo Mee

Low light, works good with noise, of course, but this is natural for every digital camera.


With edit done with PS Express, crop + some saturation/exposure adjustment. The post processing apps of course are not up to the standard of those in computer softwares.

Choa Chu Kang INT

With some edit (done in LightRoom) to spice up the pictures!

Barnie grew a bit bigger


Jessyca said…
Ur puppy is really cute ^^ Beagle always has that innocent look where as My dog has the 'notti-make-you-don't-know-laugh-or-cry-' look!
Kanki said…
thanks for dropping by!
yea the puppy is just so irrestible... now even my iPhone wallpapers are all BARNIE!!

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