My lovely new/old OM1n

Finally, instagram has come to Singapore app store! 望穿秋水!

So what can this little app do? If you are familiar with Twitter, instagram can be described as the 'photo' version of Twitter, only with the additional function of applying filters on your photos to make it artsy-farsy(in other word, added innovative/creativity)!


The application is so fun that you can search your friends from your iPhone contact lists(if those instagram users key in their mobile number) or Facebook, Twitter users. So you can easily find those people that you want to follow! You will soon realize that there are so many talented phoneographers around.

About life...
Losing photography touch, as work life develops. Maybe that's an excuse.
Now that the new OM1n is here, glittering, I shouldn't let it go to the permanent state of hibernation. It's time to exercise its mechanical shutter!



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